Why wont my computer run fast enough

I just recently purchased a new computer. It has a AMD Athlon XP 2100+ CPU, 1024mb of pc2700 DDR C2 ram, a Leadteck Geforce 4 ti 4400 128 mb AGP 8x video card, a Asus asv8x/r/gbl/r mother board, a creative labs audigy platinum sound card, and a DVD player. The computer works great I installed windows xp home edition on it and I plays games fairly well. My problem comes when playing need for speed hot pursuit 2 I cant run it at 32 bit color or else it is very jerky at high resolutions. What I am wondering is there and way to optimize my system to get it to run this game better? Are there any settings/drivers or just ways of optimizing my system that you could help me with. I would greatly appreciate any help.
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  1. Well first I would download the latest (41.09) drivers from the NVidia site... they should boost performance if you're still using the 30.xx ones.
    Also install the latest chipset drivers for your mobo (I presume you got an A7N8X).

    If that doesn't help I know some other things you could try.

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  2. Thanks I havent tryed it yet but I will. Pardon my ignorance but what is my mobo I have herd that used a lot and wasnt sure what it ment thanks for the help
  3. mobo is a short/slang way of saying motherboard, its alot easier to type out

    i would definitely do the driver upgrade,along with any mobo drivers (do you have a7v8x or a7n8x??)
    if a7v8x, then do via 4in1 driver upgrade (now called hyperion or something)
    if a7n8x, then do nvidia nforce2 driver upgrade (or install if you havnt done so yet)
  4. did you try reinstalling os? did you install card after the os

    reinstall the game at least? give at least some real info.


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  5. I only have experience with the demo for this game but it was crap. Buggy as hell and not worth the time. Your system might be just fine, the game could be the problem. I believe someone posted in the Games forum with similar problems and he was running a 9700pro. Also check the EA forums, seemed a lot of people were complaining about this being a pos. Does this happen with other games you play?

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  6. Sorry about being a little vague it is an a7v8x. And I just DL the latest video card drivers and it fixed the problem. I will still try the newer mobo drivers. I decided not to format because my system seems to be working fine in all other things and I do agree the game is buggy as hell I mean it is real bad. Anyway now that I got it working fine on its own I have been messing around with the antialiasing and some different filters I also overcloked my CPU. Any way thanks a lot for the help ļ
    P.S. the reason I am worying about this game so much is at the moment it is my only fun game.

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  7. If you enjoy the racing then pick up NFS Porsche Unleashed sometime. You should be able to find it for around $15 (US) and the pure racing gameplay and graphics are great.

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