How will this pc un guild wars 2?

heya I am going to build a budget gaming pc and wondered how this pc would run guild wars 2.
intel pentium (ivy bridge) G2120 3.1 GHZ
asus p8h61 motherboard
8gb corsair ram 1600mhz
XFX hd 7770 black edition super OC
450W XFX PSU bronze cert
500gb seagate SATA 6gbs harddrive
samsung 22x dvd/cd RW
NZXT Source 210 elite white mid tower
I plan to use a 1920 x 1080 monitor. I have had a look at the Tom's benchmarks of CPU and GPU but since they used an OC'ed i7 with the gpus and a 7970 with the cpus I couldnt decipher how that would translate to this set up.( sorry that may seem a bit dim) I guess the processor could be the weak point as GW2 is CPU bound. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated :)
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  1. u need at least a 500w psu but other than that your pc should run it just fine
  2. corymartin66 said:
    u need at least a 500w psu but other than that your pc should run it just fine

    I have to disagree a 450W is more than enough I added up the Ws of the components. Why do you say I need 500W?
  3. dang it!!! I am not allowed to edit for some reason! but my message soudns very rude my apologies! what I meant to say is first thank you for replying to my message!!! however I asked about the PSU on hexus and the tecnician on there say a 400 or 450W would be plenty and to be fair to him I looked up the wattage of the components and it is very low. The hd 7770 OC underbenchmarks at max hits 77w and the intel uses very little too. why do you say 500W (I meant to ask this politely!)
  4. its always better to have more power than u need rather than just get by on the bare minimum
  5. lol In the end I looked it up quite carefully adding up wattages and I shouldnt reply to you but sorry to say this but could you please actually look up the wattages rather than just throwing some random guestimate. at 450W you already have about 200-150W head room. so 500W is totally unneccesary. its not the bare minimum.
  6. if u already know why did u bother asking toms?
  7. Hello,
    if you look at tom's benchmarks, the CPU testing shows us that intel dual cores will get you about 50 fps

    but that's with 7970, even though they've ran it on 1280x720 res to minimize gpu impact.

    If we look at best appearance bench for GPU, 7770 will get you about 40 fps at 1920x1080, but as you said yourself, this is with an i7.

    So, depending on your resolution and which preset you select for graphics will dictate how well it will run. My estimate is if you choose balanced preset at sub 1920x1080 it should run fine and give you at least 40-50 fps. At 1080p it might struggle a bit, but I think the biggest problem you will have is in heavily populated areas like cities or world pvp your CPU will not be able to handle all the objects on the screen (so in those situations you might have to turn the graphics down to lowest).

    Alright, hope that helps.

    oh also, I need to point out that you will need to update the BIOS on H61 in order to use that CPU with that board. So, either make sure that the board has a feature where you don't need a CPU in there to update the BIOS or get in touch with vendor or manufacturer and confirm with them what bios revision the board is shipping with, and make sure that's the one that is compatible with your CPU. (you can find this info on intel website)
  8. @cory well actually I didnt ask you for the correct wattage as I thought I knew that but you suprised me by telling me to get 500W. I was asking about performance and upgrading components. To be fair paerhaps my question is open ended in the post. Then again why do you make a suggestion when you have no idea of wattages for the components?

    @Antizig awesome!! thank you for the advice that was something i needed to hear. hmmm I have increased my budget and downgraded the monitor to 1680 x 1050 to be more realistic. my build now looks like this
    intel i5 3350p
    asus B75 motherboard
    8gb corsair ram 1600mhz
    XFX 6870 DD and overclock
    550W XFX PSU bronze cert
    500gb seagate SATA 6gbs harddrive
    samsung 22x dvd/cd RW
    NZXT Source 210 elite white mid tower
    what do you think? At 1680x1050 I should get good performance with the low end i5 and better graphics card, perhaps I could have the graphics at high in less populated areas and medium as I encounter bigger groups?
  9. yeah that should run fine in my opinion.

    great case btw, I'm waiting for amazon to ship me the same one. One note though, if you do order it from amazon (and perhaps other retailers too), make sure the box you get says ELITE on it. Amazon messed up and shipped me a classic version, I didn't realize it till I opened the box up and started putting drives in. (now I'm 2 weeks behind on putting my rig toghether thanks to the amazon mess up and the hurricane :( )
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