Recently built my first gaming pc

I feel like I could have done better but not too bad for my first, I am thinking about replacing some things, any advice? Some games don't have the performance I thought they would with my build.

My specs:
CPU- Amd fx 4100 3.6ghz quad core
Mobo- msi 760gm-p23
Gpu- radeon hd 6850 1gb sapphire
Ram- gskill 8gb
PSU- xigmatek 400w 80+ bronze

I am getting a new case soon and better hdd space because my last one failed on me and I used random hdd laying around. Some games aren't as smooth as they should be like dishonored gives me 75ish fps and sometimes drops to 40 and in a very stuttering way. I just feel like I could swap out somethings. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. 6850 is a little weak if you want to crank the settings up. People say the fx series cpu are not great for gaming and use a lot of power, so i think a 400w psu is pushing it.

    New power supply and graphics card would be my next step, if you can only afford one at a time get the power supply first.
  2. Yes that power supply is very weak, it could be the source of low performance, get a good corsair 600w ior more if you wan't to play safe.

    Sometimes the GPU isn't delivering all the wattage it should, and maybe this is causing your GPU to work a little slower, but yes first change PSU, and later you could go with a better GPU if you want more frames.
  3. Hi :)

    You NEED a better graphics card...nothing else...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Thanks for the replies, I was leaning towards the PSU being a problem. I have a new one by corsair in my wish list on newegg I will save up some cash and get it on my next paycheck. It will be a bit before I get a new gpu though, it does good enough for right now I just wanted some feedback.
  5. The (mobo) could be updated...............

    your ram is awesome good..........
  6. fx is only worth it if you overclock it
  7. I actually plan on overclocking it once I get a better PSU, same for the motherboard because I do plan on crossfiring, but that will be much later. It'll be awhile before I have it where I want it :( thanks guys.
  8. to be honest i would have recommended a completely different build. but i guess you bought what you could afford at the time.
    the fx is very poor for gaming especially on single and dual threaded apps which most games are. you will need to bump it to 4.5ghz to get the best from it but at that speed you will need a big cooler.
    the 6850 is a little underpowered for dx11 but is perfectly adiquate for dx10 and dx9 games. it will only really struggle if you bump the settings on games like bf3 but then again the fx will likely let you down perfomance wise b4 the gfx card does.
    honeslty my opinion is sell the whole thing and start again. add a couple of hundred to what you get back and build an intel i5 quad based system with something like a gtx 660ti a 550w minimum psu with 4-8 gigs of ram...
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