Watercooling or Peltier for a tbred?

Im getting a new setup, and next month ill be purhasing the cooling for it. I want to go xtreme, since ill be overclockin quite a good deal. here's my question

Is this a good choice?

would water cooling be more efficient? Im worried that watercooling can only cool to room temp, which in the summer is a steamy 80f at idle. How far down can a peltier go? WIll i ahve alot of hastle with the above unit? Any info helps!

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  1. So you dont think that swiftec is good? Do you have any recommendations for me? Any packages that have it all together?

  2. Swiftech are good, either their air coolers or water coolers. A bit Pricey though.

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  3. Yes, Swiftech has a waterblock kit with isolation and coldplate so you can easely install a peltier... I have it but it fried my CPU because the screws where way to long and I couldn't check if the coldplate was touching my CPU because of all isolation, so watch out with it.

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