Mouse keeps moving in full screen(dual display)

My issue: i recently updated my pc and installed a few programs and now when i play games in Full Screen the mouse
still moves in the background and when it moves to the right on the second display and i click it minimizes the game.

what ive tried:

1.) exiting/closing all programs i have installed and try to do the same thing.
2.) disable overlay programs. I use evolve overlay, Raptr overlay, and i belive thats it.
3.) looked under mouse setting(one of the updates was microsofts keyboard and mouse center)
4.) im checking graphics setting atm.

before i updated/installed this never happened....idk when this start because i did all the updates/installs before i played another game.

first game i noticed in was assassin's creed brother hood. but that cant be it only bc it does the same thing on other games.

this is getting troublesome because it forces me to do extra steps to get it working..

one way ive found around this(temp) : Alt-Tab out of the game and refocus it on the game(reclick it or alt-tab back into it(i have to do this multiple times))-has stopped helping all together
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  1. hmph well this is a bump/update.....

    ive tested all the possible soltutions online from.....

    special key combos(double ESC, WINkey and reclick, and a few Function keys)

    programs to lock the mouse to a program. This did not help like most ppl said it did.

    closing recent applications.

    i have a feeling its to do with...(not bc the program is running but bc its installed/something in its setting)

    Team Viewer


    Rain Meter-unlikely its been installed a while

    Raptr - same as rain meter

    Evolve- possibly bc they had an update(and it has a on-screen display for in-game)

    and another program called....

    Places- its a free version of fences.

    if anyone knows why any of these programs may cause this plz reply ^^.

    btw ive tried disabling the setting for in-game displays for each program.

    Team Viewer has the highest chance bc it was the last program ive installed. minus updates for windows which include

    display drivers

    win7 updates

    mouse driver updates

    and a few others that are not worth mentioning.

    ***ive did a little bit more ....troubleshooting.... ive noticed that the monitors are off in displays(well this is obvious)

    by this i mean the 16/9 monitor's resolution is starting above the 4:3 monitor...

    by this i mean the when the game is launched and i move the cursor between 1 monitor to the next i have to go half way up the right monitor to move left. so im linking that to w.e is wrong with this.
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