How to remove thermal pad residues from CPU??

I have a Duron 1Ghz and unfortunately i am not planning on an upgrade any time soon. Yet, i want to buy a new Globalwin cooler to improve my CPU's temperatures. The problem is that i never applied thermal compound on my cpu, i just used the thermal pad of the heatsink. And now, there are thermal pad residues on the CPU core and i dont know how to remove it without damaging my CPU. Got any ideas or suggestions??

Thanks in advance
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  1. You can very carefully use an extremely small amount of rubbing alchohol to wipe it off-that seems to be the best way for me. Just make sure that the cloth you use is just barely damp with the alchohol, and that you rub it very carefully!
  2. And if that doesn't work, try a spray called "Electric Parts Cleaner" found at the autoparts store.
  3. rubbing alcohol (isopropyl [spelt wrong] alcohol) and/or nail varnish remover works well. Dont use excessive amounts of liquid and ensure ALL liquid has completely evaporated (no trace of any liquid at all) before you apply the new thermal paste. Fingernails or something made from soft plastic (e.g. Bic penlid) can be useful for picking at stubborn bits

    BTW instructions for applying thermal paste/goop - ; Artic Silver instructions for using about any silver-based goop and artic alumina instructions for using pretty much any other goop (if whatever goop you bought has instructions with it follow those instead of course).

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