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Hey guys, I have an extremely annoying problem with my geforce3 ti200- whenver I download any of the drivers apart from the one that came with the card, the tv-out function does not work. Unfortunately this means that if I want to play a game, I have to upgrade to the new driver, and then downgrade to the stock driver when I use the tv-out, which is quite a bit. Does anyone know of some way to modify the driver, or a tweak utility that would solve this obnoxious problem? Thankyou so much for the help!
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  1. Well, what manufacturer of GeForce is it? It might be a bug that the company hasn't (or has - and therefore has a fix for) found. Another idea is to notify NVidia, and they might subsequently be able to help you ... otherwise all I can say is try to look around - chances are its a setting you missed.

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  2. I am not even sure actually, its a no name that I ordered for really cheap- everything works great on it, I have no complaints, except that the tv out just won't work with the new drivers... I don't get it.!
  3. with the drivers I use the only way to get the TV out to work is to have the res and refresh at levels that the TV can handle :/ never used to do it on older drivers...
    I dunno if you have tried it or not but set to 800x600 60Hz and then try TV out !

    If that doesn't work have you tried something like powerstrip ?

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  4. Thats interesting... mine works fine with the drivers that it came with... its as soon as I use the detonators that it wont work. I'll have to try powerstrip, I have used that program before but didnt know it had a tv out on it?
  5. I was talking about the detonators !! The drivers it came with were the "older drivers"


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  6. Codinerx, I had that exact same problem with my PNY Geforce 3 Ti-500. I kept contacting PNY customer support and they refused to admit that there was anything wrong. It really made me mad that the drivers that shipped with the card would give me TV-out but any other driver version wouldn't. I had the card for about 6 months before stumbling across Ray Adams and his bios collection. Check them out at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and upgrade to the latest Nvidia reference bios. This should make your card work properly with all drivers.

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  7. Sounds good, I'll give those a try. Hopefully I can get the thing to work! Thanks for the help everyone.

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