Black ops 2 pc or ps3

i need help on choosing wheather i get black ops 2 on pc or on ps3? and also im getting the game for multiplayer(online), so which one pc or ps3?
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  1. Personally im getting it for PC

    Better graphics
    Possibly more people in a match (depends on server)
    faster gameplay due to mouse and keyboard over controller
    More chance of hackers

    CODBO2 is more based on consoles (more updates)
    No unfair hardware advantages (everyone has the same hardware)
    lower chance of hackers
    possibly less players in a match (depends on server)

    Those are only a few things that you could take into your decision
  2. PC, better graphics and control
  3. Do you have more online friends on the PC or the PS3? Whchever has more, go that route. Unfortunately most of my friends have moved to consoles so I have to use the PS3 if I want to play with them.
  4. Just seeing trailers and beta gameplay the game seems too crazy now anyway :P avoid both PC and console, spend the money on some new socks or alcohol :)
  5. xbox > pc > ps3
  6. I got it for the PC (over XBOX). Honestly, Online FPS on PC can't be beaten.

    I'd say hacks are a problem (for every Infinity Ward games) but much less so for Treyarch games. As much as hackers have ruined MW2 and MW3, I barely saw any hacks in Black Ops.

    Treyarch tend to support their games for much longer than Infinity Wards do.
  7. Seems u already buy it then okay, well it depend on where u are living, if u live near on or in uk and us, probably nothing to fear off as both console N pc have many player in it, if u living in southeast asia like me, probably choose pc as the japanese,singapore any other near region play games more on pc coz of dota,wow, then halo on etc, then ps3>xbox
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