Can my PC run assassins creed III???????????

umm guys i hav a nvidia sparkle geforce 210 1 gb graphics card (i know its really less) and AMD athlon 64 x2 5200+ , windows 7 64 bit professional edition running on 3 gb ram. so can i run assassins creed III?????? i pre ordered it. i hav played games like crysis 2, call of duty modern warfare 3 , black ops,assassins creed brotherhood , revelations @ 1280x1024 and medium textures with no lag @ all and also with the the help of evga precession & msi after burner now can i run assassins creed III on my pc with all textures @ nil or none , @ 1024x768 r 800x600 ??
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  1. I think it can run, with low or mid detail on that resolution
  2. by the way i forgot 2 tell this my processor is a dual core and what is the best over clocking software for my 210????? plz reply :D
  3. There no such thing as overcloking software, only application that check how stable ur oc-prime 95 and software that check ur temperature ,

    I have no experience on oc on dual, perhaps u can google ur specific cpu name about overcloking
  4. thx! :D
  5. AMD GPU clock tool!
  6. @ricky T23 is this for my amd processor r my nvidia??????? :heink:
  7. Hi my system specs are as follows:
    AMD Dual core 64x2 4400+ 2.3ghz,
    4gb ddr2 ram,Ati Radeon HD 5450 1 gb ddr3,
    WIN 7 ultimate 64bit
    Can i run AC3,Far cry 3,BF3,n black ops 2??
    Pls Help
    Thanks in Advance!
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