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Vertical Lines Monitor During Gaming

Last response: in Video Games
October 25, 2012 4:38:17 PM

I recently bought i5 3570k and radeon 7850, so the problem i am facing is that
mostly during gaming(in dark backgrounds) i see some broad vertical lines.

my monitor is GL benq 2030 and it has a vga connection and i use the dvi to vga connector i got with the graphic card(radeon 7850).

To my surprise i didn't notice any such vertical lines when i connected the very same pc to my old CRT monitor,only with this new monitor i am facing vertical lines flowing upside down.

I have enabled tripple buffering and vsync in games that have that option, also lucid logic virtu mvp i got with asus board is also installed.

Please help me in knowing exactly what is causing this display issue and what can i do to have it resolved, either its graphic card problem or monitor problem,Please help me out.