Hooking Ps3 To LCD Monitor with DVI

I bought a HDMI to DVI adapter and used my HDMI Cord from my TV plugged it in to PC Monitor nothing will work 480p-720p-1080i-1080p no picture will show up i tried every setting 1 by one.

My Monitor is HP S2031 HDCP compatible.

Im thinking the Adapter is Broken.
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  1. If you are plugging the PS3 directly into the monitor, make sure you set the correct input. If the monitor is set to receive on VGA, but you are coming in through DVI, obviously failures will happen. Although you are converting the signal from DVI to HDMI, you still select DVI on the monitor (as that is the interface that directly touches the monitor).
  2. monitor also needs to be HDCP compatible, i had this issue with mine before and found my monitor could not support it
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