Case Cooling Fan - Help!

I just purchased a case cooling fan. Which way should the air be flowing?

I am a newbie and I would appreciate any help!


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  1. Usually you want the air came in from the bottom front and going out from top rear of your case.

    If you have one case fan, put it IMO in the top rear (I'm considering your case is ready for it).

    Hope this helps.

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  2. For every fan that pumps air into the case, you ought to have another fan pumping air out. If you have an odd number of fans (i.e. one or three etc.), then give priority to the exhaust fans (i.e. three fans = one intake + two exhaust)

    Ideally, you should at least one fan blowing air towards the CPUs heatsink/fan, and at least one fan near the CPUs heatsink/fan (usu. at the back) to extract the warm air.
  3. well the traditional thing is to have fans on the front or sides blowing into the case, and fans at the rear and top sucking out.

    This is mainly because:
    A. heat rises
    B. the hot cpu is near the rear
    C. the psu is also pumping out heat, you dont want to suck that warm air back in.

    Additionally, look on the side of the fan. there should be arrows pointing out the direction of airflow.

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