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Windows 7 won't allow me to retrieve my saved games from my " documents/my games/oblivion" Says it cant find the codec. What codec is that? Did search on codec and it appears I don't have any. What is the answer?

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  1. How are you trying to "retrieve" the saved games? You should just be loading Oblivion and playing. It may be missing a plugin for the game (read: add-on), but it might continue to load normally.

    Need a bit more specific info if you want help. Screenshots are useful, as are highly specific error messages.

  2. Thank you for your reply. I did not realise I should be making a proper save instead of just relying on "quick save". I am used to playstation this is the first time I've played on a PC. I am retired and living many miles from my son who usually sorts me out. All O.K now.
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