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when printing from win 7 it prints the job but only uses the centre of the page like it is a receipt printer, which it is not, this is happening only in win 7 and on different makes and models of printers. ??
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  1. Use your page preview to check the look before you print. It sounds like your printing defaults is "center of page" with compressed margins. Check the settings for each program you use to print.
  2. It is not the printer or printer settings, these are networked printers and XP machines print to them with no problems. Also I believe it is only when printing from a browser (any browser). thanks.
  3. Its looking like it may be a conflict with our Epson receipt printer and it's new Win7 driver.
  4. go Printer & Device : select your Printer Icon , right click properties select Advanced, Select Button New Driver , when system ask driver insert CD Printer select driver from CD. good Luck!
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