Is it normal to suddenly lose interest in videogames?

Hello guys.
I´m 21 years old,I live with my girlfriend,I work hard for my money(I pay my games) and I used to love videogames.
Since my contract finished last month,I have a lot of free time to play videogames for the moment.

I own a PS3 and a PC.
My PC can run any game at maximum settings or close and the PS3,´s basically brand new.
Both of the items are new,as the first day I bought them(not too long ago).
This is my real problem,that I spend a lot of focking money on games and after that,I don´t play them....

I have lots of games(for PC,PS2,PS3 and so on) and these games are games that I always wanted but now I look at all my games and only by thinking of playing one game for more than 5 minutes makes me feel sick and bores me to death.
I love to know that my PC can play games really well,I download/buy them just to see how they run,after that,it´s all the games never existed,I never touch them again.

I mean,come on!
I´ve spent at least 300 € on PC and PS3 games PLUS prated ones I download from Internet(around 500GB,usually the best games out there) and I own a decent machine for gaming,for the moment.
How comes that I always end up watching a focking movie or playing on miniclip....?

I always say:
This is it.Today I´m playing a game.
....but I always get sick just by thinking at that.
I mean,I get bored from all the games I play(I usually play 5 min TOP,as said before).

Oh,and the PS3.
It´s been 2 months since the last time I turned it on.

I have lots of free time,24/7 and still,I usually spend my day watching crap on Youtube,watching movies or writing this.....(doing basically nothing,but in a strange way,it feels good).

Ok, there any hope for me?
I wanna game!
I used to love videogames!
Hell! 50.000 views on a review from a few years back on Youtube with gameplays.

What is wrong?
Or there´s nothing wrong? :)
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  1. Well it's sad to see a fellow gamer lose interest like that, I myself am a hardcore gamer - Started playing when I was 8 years old and still to date - I am 23 years old and I still can't get enough of gaming. I am a full time blogger myself and hell I live a good life and spend most of my money on getting the best rig, buying new games, staying updated and all that stuff. I guess when genuinely someone loves games, he can never give it up or get bored - If one would be bored of new games, Play the classics of the yester-years and it's still fun as long as you're gaming. But if you play games - just because you had to play it to spend/kill time than I guess you can never enjoy gaming and a time comes that you would be bound to lose interest playing games. Or maybe on a simpler term - You're just bored give it a break for a few months and maybe you will be back in gaming by that time if you genuinely love playing games buddy.
  2. Well I really enjoy gaming, (AC:R, BF2, COD:MW 2, Medieval total war 2)
    And I am don't trying to dis any one.

    Maybe you could use this time of not liking gaming, and focus on more important stuff like, Family relationships, Friends. I mean you will get a lot more out of that in the end.
  3. Sounds like you just need to get out a bit more. Personally, I'm not a born and bred gamer. My PS1 (not the original playstation but their slimmed down version), Playstation 2 and xBox 360 lie and gather dust, occasionally the xBox has been powered up but the other just gather dust. I don't even consider myself a gamer. Most gaming I do is done at LAN party events when I meet up with other "like minded" friends.
  4. I believe you just got burnt out. Don't worry, the interest will come back soon enough :) Just don't try to force it :P.
  5. I find playing the old games that made you first enjoy gaming always help. Playing Super Mario bros 3 or Monkey Island just brings back so many fond memories and then once I'm chilled I show kids how its done on BF3 :)
  6. Sunius said:
    I believe you just got burnt out. Don't worry, the interest will come back soon enough :) Just don't try to force it :P.

    I agree with this - I often get sick of gaming (I game too much) but then I deliberately take a few days off (less than a week) to spend more time with my girlfriend, catch up on films and episodes, read a book etc. When I get back into the game, I'll enjoy it again.

    Metwingie has a good point also. If you started out with DOS games, check out DOSBox - awesome DOS emulator. Or maybe it's not the age of the game but the genre. Some of the most fun I've ever had with games was when I tried a game from a genre I don't usually play. I wasn't really into swordfighting / climbing stuff so when I first played Assassin's Creed, it absolutely blew me away. What genre(s) are you playing?

    For genuinely fun games to try, I'd recommend Red Faction Guerilla, Force Unleashed 2, Portal and Unreal Tournament. For DOS stuff, Heretic, Blood, Flashback, Little Big Adventure (and the sequel), Duke Nukem 2, Biomenace and Lemmings.
  7. Hi :)

    Firstly I would get a MUCH better graphics card as you couldn't possibly max out most modern games on yours....

    Which type of games do you and have you played ?? maybe we can recommend something better ?

    All the best Brett :)
  8. ya, i believe its normal. what i think you should do is play one game and stick with it till you beat it or you never want to play it again. what ive noticed with myself is if im in the middle of like 3 or 4 games i lose interest in them and cannot get back into them. maybe its the same for you, just a idea
  9. i find that i lose interest in most games because they are designed purely to sell copies without really thinking about whether or not it satisfies a gamers appetite for something long, in depth and entertaining.
  10. I was in the same place, thought I was just getting old.... then I played a few old games and realized that games these days are just a load of mediocrity, sequels, prequels, clones, rehashes of rehashes. I find myself playing more and more old games. Give it a try :)
  11. being a long time gamer in fact 1 of the first gen to use home computers in any meaningful way i can see where your at. you see all the oh! and ah! and think i want that. but the reality is theres plenty of eye candy and very little content.
    in my 20's i lost all interest in gaming (girls seemed more fun) and to be honest it was the best thing that could have happened to me.
    20-30 is the best time of your life you certainly dont want to spend it in doors by yourself, get out meet people see the real world... your brain is subconsciously telling you as much... put the toys away and go see what you can do in reality.
    you will come back to gaming 1 day but for now your best off just boxing everything up and taking the girlfriend out for a drink/movie/something other than sitting in doors.
    dont worry gaming isnt going anywhere new soon especially with the likes of e.a and activision running the show...
  12. An old thread but always relevant to those undergoing the same thing.

    I have played way too many video games and lost way too many hours of my life. I truly was addicted. The reason I say lost, is because I could have used that time to either exercise, socialize, run errands rather than procrastinate, watch/read the daily news so I know what the heck is going on in the world. The list goes on.
    Video games for me were not just sitting down for say 1/2 hour; many hours would pass by. We've all been there, you know what I'm talking about.

    You hit a certain stage in your life and say enough is enough, this is just a waste of time. There are so many other healthier things I want to do with that limited time we all have. Just doesn't do it for me anymore either.
  13. I am completely bored with games myself. I started in playing Doom and Duke Nukem, and have had a good long run of Western RPG, 4x, Grand Strategy and tactical shooters. Now pretty much any game - except some sessions of Minecraft - bore the living crap out of me. I tried to play Arcanum recently which, based on my historical tastes, I should have enjoyed. I haven't been able to get more than 10 minutes into it despite trying 10-15 times across the past couple of years.

    I don't know about you, but for me the issue is that video games are too passive and limited. I need creativity and informational content to keep my brain busy - if I'm not functioning on an intellectual level, I am bored (also why I refuse to engage most people in conversation, yawn). Minecraft is kind of fun for the Hell of making stuff, and I used to really enjoy stuff like Europa Universalis because of all the historical fiction involved, but now even that's not enough for me. I guess I'd rather just read old books and talk to my friends about Superman, passive entertainment has always been meh for me and now it's just unenjoyable.

    Part of it is probably that my tastes, especially my philosophical tastes, have greatly expanded. The story in Baldur's Gate, etc. no longer engages me at all. I mean, what's the point of reading some 2nd rate digitized fantasy novel when there are more /known to be awesome/ books than I could ever possibly read? I feel the same way about TV, even the stuff that engages me on some level just doesn't measure up to fiction or nonfiction. If it isn't super-Aspie, it ain't my style. I'd rather read the Bible or even stupid old political arguments than play games with my friends anymore.
  14. Same thing happend to me. Bought a ton of gaming stuff, I download a metric crap tonne of games, and play one for maybe 10 minutes and dont even touch the other 5 :( I've found a new hobby, maybe you should do the same. Maybe start making your own music or something?
  15. Give the gaming a break, go out for dinner with your gf, friends or your parents; learn to play a musical instrument or learn a language, try a sport, whatever. There's no point in playing games if you don't have almost any pleasure anymore.

    It's not only you that had lost interest in games, it's also that recent titles all seem to have lost the charm and addictive factor they used to have before, like they no longer seem appealing. Dumbing down games for casual gamers market and the DLC cancer completely drove me away from recent games.

    Occupy your head and your body with outside activities, I bet that after some time you'll be bitten by the gaming bug and then will start to have pleasure in gaming again, trust me.
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