i have installed NFS THE RUN BLACKBOX.
when i open the game the black scrren comes and a logo flickers at the top most on right side of top.I have waited for 10 mins,nothing hapens.

my config:
4 GB ram,2 gb NVIDIA geforce 8400 Gs, intel core 2 duo E7500,windows 7 ultimate.

i have noticed that graphics in my pc is low according to the requirements of game.
can you help me how to play on my pc without upgrading graphic card
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  1. as NFSMW 2012 releasing tomorrow, geforce 8800 GS is needed for the game.
    is it possible to play that game in my desktop?
  2. Hello RajRaj,

    Well your GFX is very weak and I don't think it can run NFS : The Run and NFS : MW 2012 is out of the question. Try updating your graphics card driver by going to the official NVIDIA site but still I don't think it can run that. Sorry brother.
  3. Buy the game next time and it will work. Don't expect to get help with pirating games at Tom's Hardware. We don't support piracy!
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