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My PC Specs which I bought a week ago: (Nothing is Overclocked)
Asus Maximus V GENE
Radeon HD 7850 2GB
RAM G.Skill 8GB 1600Mhz
Intel i5 3570k
PSU Cooler Master Thunder 600W

Today, I was playing a game, usually I have around 60-75 FPS in it but as I joined a new map at a place my FPS dropped to 15 as I continued to stay there to play, my PC suddenly hanged and showed a blue screen and then I quickly closed my PC.

So, after that I started my PC in a bit and I was getting freezed on Asus Bios Logo, tried another time and pressed DEL to go to Bios, it went there but again hanged in a sec. I tried again after 10-15 mins and it got ahead and went to blinking cursor on top left.

After 30mins, I restarted again and it freezed at BIOS Logo again I pressed the restart button and somehow it started, I haven't tried doing anything else with my PC and not yet did a restart again.

So, please guide me if I shut down my PC again and turn on will that happen again? Why did this all happen ? Is everything perfect now or do I need to worry about something?

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  1. Download HWMonitor and check the temperatures. You can get it here:

    If the temperatures are okay (below 70°C), then I'd check memory. You can download the memory checking tool from here:
  2. Hi :)

    You have a HARWARE problem and its NOT heat related as it still froze after 30 minutes at Bios screen....

    Go into Bios and look at hardware settings, and see if any hardware tests there for hard drive, and ram etc...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I've played a few games like NFS Hot Pursuit, Sleeping Dogs, GTA4 etc at Max settings, but it didnt lagged anywhere.

    But as I said in my main post today I was playing a game in which I went into a new map(1st time never went there) and there my FPS was normal but as I proceed to a specific place my FPS dropped to 15-20 and as out of that place FPS came normal. So all this thing happened when I stayed at that low FPS area (Could it be due to that CPU worked more during that low FPS and got it temps to high to get hanged and freezing issues until it got normal?)

    Right now, I'm on my PC as I said on my main post so if I restart/shutdown will I be all good? or the same thing will happen again? Do I need to worry or all this was just for a bit due to overheating. Please please be in detail.

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