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How to create console games from your pc

I have a copy of FFX and I was wondering if it were possible to make a copy on my pc, burn it to a blank disc, and then use it in my ps2? My copy is about 8-10 years old and it's just not working well anymore after the first fight with Sin near the end I believe it's a cutscene it's doing the blackout on. I own the game so this is totally legit for me to be doing. My question is: Can I make a new copy on my pc, and use it on my ps2? Please help! Thanks.
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    I believe this is one of those double edge sword type of things where: (don't quote me on these)
    1) You purchased the game and therefore you can legally make a "backup" copy for only your own use.
    2) The PS2 disk and console both contain a form of copyright protection
    3) In order to make a valid copy of the disk you need specific software
    4) even if you were able to make a copy of the disk, the console copyright protection software would not allow you to play the "backup" copy of the game
    5) in order to play a copy of the original disk, your console would need to be modified
    6) I don't think it is specifically illegal to modify your console, however, I think there is a gray area where it may be illegal to modify your console in order to circumvent copyright protection.

    As I said do not quote me on this. I think it's always been a gray area. I believe with the newer consoles, like the Xbox 360 Microsoft was banning consoles that were tampered with from the LIVE network.

    My suggestion would be to just go to Game Stop and buy a used copy or eBay has them for $10 or less.
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