Borderlands 2: Flickering grass graphical glitch

When playing Borderlands 2 i experience flickering grass-like textures jutting out at random angles. Sometimes it's bad enough to completely obscure my line of sight. I have found a post with a similar problem from the first Borderlands game, but i fear the fix is out of date.

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Intel Core i5 2.67GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

Any help is greatly appreciated!! thanks
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  1. i dont own radeon but have you tried latest driver for your card?
  2. Yes. I may be stuck. I have an HP envy 14 beats series with switchable graphics. The newest Radeon driver updates are not compatible with the switchable graphics. The latest driver for my laptop is two years old.
  3. honestly im not really familiar with laptop gpu for both nvidia and amd. for dekstop discrete gpu amd recent drivers did mention fixing flickering in some games. so is there no new driver for your gpu from amd site or your laptop manufacturer?
  4. I did get that problem with the original (also on a Radeon 5000 series card) but the sequel is fine on the same card. The fix was something like MaxFoliageDensity = 0 in some .cfg or .ini file.
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