overclocking a celeron 1.2A

i am deciding to purchase a celeron 1.2A (socket 370) along with a slot1 to s370 converter. (as i have a slot1 mobo). The mobo can go up to a 133FSB i think, i haven't really checked. I was wondering is 1596 would be the highest i could get, and what cooling i would need. Also, hw high can i O'c it w/o additional cooling than the regular cpu fan?


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  1. Actually you got your "hardware math" wrong, 12x133 is 1600. 33 is actually representing 1/3 of 100, 66 represents 2/3 of 100, etc.

    NO, most 1.2A's won't go that high. Been there, tried that. I recommend a 1.1A at 1466MHz/133MHz bus instead, because you're far more likely to get there.

    My last couple 1.2A's would NOT hit 1600MHz. The one I tested with the most wouldn't go past 1480MHz with stability. And that was at some really sucky bus speed.

    My 1.1A runs a little faster with stability, but at higher voltages than I'd recommend anyone use. People are experiencing "CPU sudden death" on Intel .13 micron CPU's with as little as 1.75v. I recommend 1.70v or less. At 1.65v, my 1.1A@1466 runs stable and cool enough for the stock cooler.

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  2. whoops. thx for the advice. ill be able to buy a cheaper proc. and get good settings. ill use the settings you recommended.

    thx again.

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