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i am going to OC my PC but i want to make sure the settings i try will work. i would like to know of some benchmark and stress-test software that will aid me in my endeavor.
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  1. 3dmark demo might be what you need
  2. 3dmark isn't always a good indication of stability.i have had one of my unstable overclocks pass a good hour solid 3dmark on a loop but then crash randomly at other times.

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  3. If its an AMD CPU then the best stress tester is TOAST, produces the maximum amount of heat so you can see if your cooling is adequate.

    Also excellent is Prim95 and its built in torture test, good for uncovering calculation glitches.

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  4. Try out SiSoft Sandra at It is a very popular reporting and benchmarking utility that will tell you stuff you didn't know about your own computer. I just used its "burn-in wizard" to check out my Athlon I nudged up a bit, you know, a "little touch-up". he he he.
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