Intel PIII overclocking-should I increase voltage

My system is
PIII 450 (fsb 100) on MB Intel 440Bx with 133SDRAM
I curently use the CPU at 600 (133 fsb) and it is very stable.
I try fsb over 133 and the sistem halted.
Could I overclock the CPU more and is it necesary to increase the voltage or do I need SDRAM at 150 (I found some from PQI)?
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  1. It's just me you understand, but I'd be delighted with a 33% overclock from my PIII. I'd leave it at 133MHz.

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  2. Try increasing the voltage a little if your temps aren't high.

    I OC'ed my P3 700Mhz to 933MHz 133Mhz FSB, but when I put it on 135Mhz with even 0.2V VCore increase it refuses to run stable.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  3. I think you are right and for now I will not try more then 133 fsb.
    Thank you.
  4. Your CPU is not like the other guy's PIII, as yours is based on the Katmai core (a beefed up PII) and his is a Coppermine. Most Katmai's would go up to 600-650MHz tops. If you want faster, buy a newer core processor. A Celeron 1100 Tualatin should run 1466MHz on your board and cost only $44.

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  5. He's about at the limit for a Katmai anyway.

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  6. I'd be happy with what you've achived, if you wanted more, go with a celeron.
    the produce less heat and can be oc'ed more.
  7. The L2 cache chips are usually the deciding factor on overclocking Katmais. If you can stick some heatsinks on them (or copper shims to fill the gap between them and the main heatsink) you may get it up to 650 with a voltage increase. You're pushing the limits for PCI & AGP speeds as well.

    Personally I think you've done really well so far and I don't think it would be worth trying to get any more out of it. Unless of course you look at it from a hobby perspective and just want a challenge.

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.74 i815*
  8. This is exactly my problem. I do it just because I can use the CPU faster then the manufacturer wanted me to, not that I realy need more mhz.
    So, today I put the CPU at 140 fsb and it started W98SE to show me some beautifull blue screens, without however completly freezing the sistem.
    I try 150 fsb to but I have to do a little BIOS reset...
    My probleb is that I do not find the jumpers for voltage (and it isn't any option in bios either) because I do not have the manual.
    I search the web but with no luck (6BX/VIA/ZX86 i82371AB/EP
    i82371EP PCI to ISA/PowerManagement/DD Adapter i82443BX CPU to AGP/PCI, if anyone myght know something)
    My last option is to take out the motherboard from the pc and look for fccid and then search again the web.

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  9. It sounds more like you've reached the maximum AGP speed your video card can handle. At 140 your AGP bus is running at over 93mhz (66 is normal).

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.74 i815*
  10. You are probaly right about the AGP speed (my card is a TNT Vanta).
    "Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX"
    Is this your computer? and if so did you use the Power Leap kit or is your motherboard socket ppga based?
    And how does your computer moves (it should be quite fast an stable). I want to know if the 440 BX moterboard is not slowing down the sitem because it has UDMA 33 and is not exacly new...

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  11. hmmmm...good idea. Lemme try that too...
  12. Asus P2B-D rev 1.06 D03
    Dual PIII-800E cB0 @900 each
    512MB Micron CAS2
    Radeon 8500LE 128mb @ 315/305
    Sony Trinitron 20"
    Intel Pro Management NIC
    3COM 56k v.92 external
    Promise TX2000 RAID controller
    20GB Quantum Fireball (Applications)
    40GB Maxtor RAID 1 Array (Data)
    Plextor 12/10/32 CD-RW
    Pioneer 16/40 DVD-ROM
    Win2000pro SP3

    It's all slot1. You can get any coppermine PIII in slot1 as well as s370.

    The Promise TX2000 is either an ATA-100 or ATA-133 card (forget which) that handles the three hard drives. The DVD and CD-RW are on the motherboard ATA-33 controller.

    I use the speed for multitaksing more then anything else, and not even my friends P4 2.4 is as smooth as my dual PIIIs for flipping between 20 different applications. It _never_ crashes. I think the last time it crashed was sept '01.

    I'm building up the Tualeron 1.2 system for playing some of the newer games. But even the dual PIII plays UT2003 without any problems.

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.74 i815*
  13. 440BX is the fastest chipset available for a PIII/PII/Celeron. Can't beat it.

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  14. So, you think that it is better to get a Coopermine PIII/CeleronII with a slot-socket adapter on my 440BX motherboard then to buy a i815 motherboard with the same CPU(PIII/CelII) (this are my upgrade options)?
    My motherboard has support for UDMA 66 (I think) and AGP 2x or 4X (?) so i used to be more inclined toward the i815 (wich I heard is quite stable to and has support for UDMA 100, AGP 4X.

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  15. It's definately the faster option. The BX has much faster memory access. In fact I can't push my PC133 much past 133 on a BX, where it will do around 145 on an i815 (I've owned many of both) using the "same" timings. It's the timings you DON'T see that are faster on the BX.

    Don't get me wrong, the i815EP is a nice chipset, lots of features, and the SECOND fastest for the PIII.

    Have you considered an inexpensive ($20) Upgradeware adapter and an overclockable Tualatin Celeron 1.1GHz ($44) that should hit 1466MHz on that adapter?

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  16. My problem is that in my country (Roumania) the market is highly orientated to low price motherboards,(wich intel 440BX wasn't at the time of it's launch), like via or sis based motherboards. As a result the selling of Slot1 motherboars were low. So, right now I cannot find adapters for Slot1 wich to run at 100 FSB (not to mention 133) even after searching "all" stores. All that I found was a few adapter with fixed 66 FSB, wich would not run with Celerons over 600 Mhz ( perhaps because of voltage limitation of the adapter?) Or maybe it is because I didn't get a bios upgrade (yet, because I am downloading one rigt now, and I hope it is good for my motherboard, otherways I will be forced to make a "smoking" upgrade to a i815)
    My other problem is that I do not own a credit card so I cannot buy them (the adapter and the CPU) online, wich would be dificult because in ROumania (were I am) we have a high rate of internet-credit card fraude, so a huge part of virtual stores would not sell anything to a romanian (wich I understand).
    Anyway, the costs you have mentioned are wery intresting but I think that I have no way to actually get the CPU/Adapter or to pay the money (I think the prices are for USA/CANADA/UK/UE etc and not for Roumania).
    Thank you anyway.
  17. Early Slot1 adapters were not Coppermine compatable. Tom actually did a story on how to turn them into the Coppermine version.

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  18. Dupa ce am citit tot thread-ul tau cred ca e mai bine sa ramai cu actualul sistem. PIII-ul este mai rapid decat Celeronul, chiar si Tualatinul la 1.1Ghz.

    Romania is a beautiful country, unfortunately it's inhabited.
  19. I think right now tht my best upgrade options are to a PIII at around 1 Ghz + adapter slot/socket + more SDRAM at 150.
    By the way maybe someone could give me some data about the performance difference between PIII and celeron (in particular the model with FSB at 100 and 256 cache L2) It would be nice if someone could give me some links were I could get more info. Thanks

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