Water Cooling a 2600XP, plz help

Hello, I am buying an AthlonXP 2600, and a Gigabyte Kt400 mobo.

I already have my EXOS External Water Cooling System ready to [-peep-] roll here. Heheh =)
Now, I am pretty cool with overclocking. I overclocked my TB 1.33 GHz,, I can o/c it by the multiplier no problem, I cant touch the bus tho, the option just isn't in the EPoX bios. (8kta btw)

I was wondering if any one can tell me how I would overclock a 2600, I was guessing its defualt what 166.88 x 12.5 ???
I was thinking about 2500 mhz at least with water cooling, what should I do, do the FSB, or the multiplier , or both or what. and also if some one could tell me what the F#@$ volts are for????

I'd love to know, cuz ive never touched volts before and have no idea what they do to the cpu or how it is effected. I should be able to O/c my 2600XP and not have to touch the volts right? haha I have no clue about volts.

any recomendations, Comments or help, I would love to hear it!

Brute =SW=
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  1. Ahhh yes, I forgot to mention that I am buying 400 mhz DDR Ram, and this CPU Only runs at 333, so I have quite a bit of room to o/c the Bus as well the multiplier.

    Note, I did the pencil trick on my athlon 1000/200 TB, it didn't do anything, the multiplier was unlocked anyway in the Bios on my EPOX, is that what the pencil trick does, unlocks the multiplier?, will I have to do this to my 2600 XP when I get it?

    I am upgrading now that U2 is coming out in the next week, i need to be ready for it.

    My system is the following

    EPOX 8kta
    1.33 GHZ AMD TB
    512 PC133 SD RAM
    Geforce 4 TI4200 Siluro Abit 250/500 @ 320/650
    80GB WD 8 Meg Cache
    Exos Water Cooling System
    19" Flat Sony Trinitron
    Klipsch 4.1
    Adsl Hihgh Speed

    Right now my current 3dmark Score is 8700
    But that doesn't meen [-peep-] becuase UT2003 kinna blows on this computer, I can max everything and get 40 fps. but I cant touch FSAA and AF or else it drops to Doom3 performance which runs about 2-10 fps on my pc lol!

    anyway thanks for any help you people may have
  2. Ahhh [-peep-] one more quick thing ;)

    Should I get the Gigabyte Mobo KT400, or should I get an Asus mobo?
  3. If you want a very nice and fast overclocking mobo go for the Epox 8RDA+... it really rocks.

    Unlocking the XP2600+ is way more difficult then with the old T-bird. You first have to fill the small gaps between the bridge pins you want to connect with something non-cunducting like nail polish. After that you have to use silver paint or glue to close the bridge; graffite from pensil has a too high resistance for this. The L1 bridges of your XP2600 should all be closed, so I think closing the last L3 bridge unlocks the CPU for you.

    With that Epox board and all boards based on the nForce2 chipset you can lock the AGP and PCI speed sio they don't rise when you increase the FSB. This way you should be able to run your PC at 200 (400 DDR) Mhz FSB as long as your CPU supports that speed.

    Now something about voltages:
    The VCore controls the CPU voltage... I think your default voltage will be 1.5V. If your CPU doesn't run stable on a higher speed you can increase the VCore with 0.05V to help it run stable. This will increase heat output but with watercooling that wouldn't be a problem.
    The VDimm controls the memory voltage... you can increase this to help your memory run stable at higher speeds. The default should be between 2.5-6V. You can raise it twoards 2.8V without problems when needed.
    The I/OVoltage (or PCI Voltage) controls your PCI bus voltage (standard 3.3V). If you lock the PCI speeds you wont need to increase this.
    The VAGP controls the AGP bus voltage (default 1.5V) you can increase this one to help your videocard run at higher AGP speeds; again if you lock the AGP speeds this isn't needed. In some rare cases increasing the VAGP to 1.7-8V can help to push some additional speed out of your GPU and graphics memory.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  4. the only mobo canadacomputers has is this

    8K9A and the + but i don't raid so hhehe

    anyway it tells me this for the motherboard specs

    Special Features
    Hardware Monitoring Function provided by Winbond
    Keyboard Power On (KBPO)
    Suspend To RAM (STR)
    CPU clock settings are adjustable by BIOS
    CPU multiplier settings are adjustable by BIOS
    CPU V-core settings are adjustable by BIOS
    AGP voltage settings are adjustable by BIOS
    Memory voltage settings are adjustable by BIOS
    Wake On Lan (WOL)

    Does this mean i dont have to unlock it or how do they do this?

    i wonder if asus mobo's do that too. hmm
  5. the epox Ep-8RDA+ like most nforce 2 mobos unlocks all tbred b xps automatically, including the 2600+, so no complex modification is needed.
    besides, even on boards that do not do this, it is much easier to unlock a tbred (a or b) than the way you have mentioned-that is for palominoes only.It only takes joining the last L3 bridge and you can go aroung the little ditch- look here:

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  6. Oh my god that is SOO easy, ive done similer to that with pencile lead on my 1 gig TB,
    i was just curioous as to why amd laser cut that second last set, if we don't need to connect that, why did they laser cut it, whats that section do if you connect it?

    but hey thats a XP2400 with a 266

    a XP2600 with a 333 would be the same procedure just cover up the L3 like in that procedure on that site,

    btw i'm unaware of that ink he is using , some sorta metallica ink or, where could i get this from, what type of store?

    thank you
  7. all tbreds can be unlocked with the same process, even the 333fsb 2600,2700,2800.you don't need to use the pen he is using-you can just use conductive paint which is easier to get hold of in specialist electronics stores or online and is cheaper.you have to be more careful with it though coz it is more difficult to apply intricately.as long as you have a solvent at hand it doesn't matter if you make a mistake though.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  8. oh ok, i am watching this unlocking video from toms site here, 10 meg divx, there must be many ways to unlock the multiplier, he isnt touching the L3, he connects the FIRST set of dots on the L1.
  9. Get a rear window defrosting repair kit from any auto store. Its paint tat is onductive. Then you just need yourself a brush or a pin to paint with. A lot ceaper than those metal ink pens online.

    <font color=green>::: Sir, I'd like to return this cpu, it is dead.</font color=green> <font color=blue>::: Its not dead, its resting...</font color=blue>
  10. NO, NO, NO! Be careful.Read it more closely and you will see that that method is ONLY FOR UNLOCKING PALOMINO CORE XP's.The one I have shown you is for tbreds like the 2600 and is completely different.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  11. Oh [-peep-]!! ok ok yeah i was wondering, i;m not too familier with athlon XP's yet

    becuase the L3 looked alot different on the 2400 he was drawing in on.

    So where does the Palomino core end and where does the T Bred start??????

    btw if you have msn could you please msn me?


    icq = 21295051
  12. my god i'm such a Nublet,

    ok whats the NFORCE2 all about, isn't that just an onboard geforce video set up,, kinna cheesy???

    like whats the difference here between the Epox 8k9a and the 8RDA, there both KT400, but wtf is nforce 2 all about, which mobo is better, the 8k9a spec shows it has more overclocknig features, where as the RDA is limited to only CPU CLock adjustment

  13. 8RDA is not kt400, nforce 2 is the chipset.nforce 2 is nothing to do with graphics except that you can get a version of this chipset with integrated geforce4 MX graphics.The nforce 2 chipset is the best one available for AMD cpus because it uses dual channel ddr memory and has lots of other great features depending on which board you get.
    the 8RDA is better than 8K9A because it is nforce 2 and it overclocks better too and you CAN change the multiplier and it unlocks tbred bs for you so you can do it just at the touch of a button as well as the fsb .Go here:

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  14. could you tell me which CPU's are
    T Bred - A and
    T Bred - B

    aparently here on anantech, on all Nforce2 mainboards, you can change the multiplier of a T Bred B without any modifications to the actual cpu.
  15. 2400,2600,2700,2800 are ALL TBRED B.
    1700,1800,1900,2000,2100,2200 could be either PALOMINO, TBRED A, or TBRED B.
    Palominoes are easy to tell apart from tbreds as they have square cores whereas the ones on both types of tbred are rectangular.To tell the tbreds apart you must look at the code on the cpu which is also usually mentioned by the seller.Go here for an explanation of what each code means:

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  16. Thats pretty nice!!
    thanks for all your info i am learning a shitload here! =)

    Do you think there are any advantages in favor of a geforce 4 by running on a board with an nvidia nforce 2 chipset?

    and with an Nforce 2 mainboard does that mean you dont use via 4 in 1's any more?
  17. no problem mate- i have learnt a lot off people on here too so i am happy to help people with the info i now have.
    Using an nvidia card on an nforce 2 board would be no better than using an ati card.ATI Radeon 9700 pro is still the best thing available.
    As for 4 in 1, they are useless when it comes to nforce 2.There is a load of equivalent nvidia stuff.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  18. Hmmmm
    i'm trying to determin here which i should buy, the 2400 or the 2600, 150$ more for only an 80 mhz jump and 333 speed over 266

    which do you think would overclock better? and be a better buy, as far as bang for the buck goes.

    could you point out a few major advantages over Via cip set that the nforce2 has and some disadvantages?
  19. if you can afford the 2600, having the default fsb at 333 is a real bonus.However, the 2400 overclocks really well and is VERY easy to run at 333fsb at least on an nforce 2 mobo, especially if you drop the multiplier slightly.This is easy to do of course because nforce 2 boards unlock it for you.2400 is best bang for buck but i would spend the extra for a 2600 if i had it.
    Basically, there is no advantage for VIA over nforce 2.Nforce 2 overclocks better because of the agp and pci lock preventing it, and you can get up to nearly 400fsb even with a 2400 (266fsb default) as you have read about on anandtech.Nforce 2's main advantage is dual channel ddr-this offers a great increase in memory bandwidth as anantech again say and all you need is two dimms (actually cheaper than one big one sometimes).Nforce 2 uses pc 3200 ram well whereas kt400 can't get any benefit out of it.Onboard sound on nforce 2 is very good.
    Via boards can be slightly cheaper but many nforce 2 boards are cheap now too if you go without serial ata etc.
    Basically just get an nforce 2 board and don't think about kt400 coz it aint nearly as good.You won't regret it.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  20. I thought KT400 mobo's unlocked the T-breds too... I'm not sure, looks like I'm starting to forget things.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  21. yeah- i think a lot of them do- i know a7v8x does.Even so, that is a small way in which it is equal to the nforce 2, which outweighs it in every other respect.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  22. Yes the nForce2 is way better, but if he can't find a store that sells in nearby he can take the KT400 as second option.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  23. Hi again, i was reading over at the anantech forums and it looks like theres alot of problems with the asus and epox nforce 2 mobo's
    bios problems and etc.
    are these actually the boards, or just the nubbed out users that dont know what there doing?
  24. there have definitely been a lot of problems with the asus one-just look in the motherboards forum and you will see.haven't heard about any on the epox though.i myself am thinking about getting a new motherboard and if i do i will get either the epox one or the abit one.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  25. I use Asus A7N8X Deluxe and can say that it isn't that much of a problem. They are releasing bioses every week and I don't think it is far before they will be as good as it gets. It is a really good performing mobo with great functions, and I could really recommend it, as you use a T-bred B and will be able to change the multiplyer. I can run my 2400+ (15*133 normal) at 13*179 with 1.85Vcore, synced memory.

    The only problem that have seemed to be atm is the dual channel memory... Hard to OC. Would recommend you to use single channel for now, and upgrade to dual later when all problems are solved. I myself use 1 stick 512mb corsair xms3200.
  26. i'm sorry i dont know what single channel or dual channel is, i am going to buy pc3200 corsair ram, and a stick of 512 just like you have

    i have no idea about ram and sinc and etc., i just know how to change the fsb and multiplier and use the vcore =)
  27. The Nforce 2 boards can use 2 channels of ddr memory, from 2 sticks, to gain better performance. This however, have givven people some OC'ing problems on the Asus board. But in single channel it works just fine.
  28. Sorry still a bit confused

    2 channel memory is what and 1 channel memory is what???
    , and how would i know what channel memory i was buying if it just said pc3200 Corsair DDR400
  29. dual channel ddr uses the same memory modules as normal single channel.dual channel ddr needs two separate dimms to work.so your memory will work as normal in single channel and would work in dual channel if coupled with another one of the same on an nforce 2 board.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  30. Well, the memory you buy for single and dual is the same, the only difference is that for dual channel, you will need 2 sticks, and for single channel you only need one. So if you buy one Corsair XMS3200, it will be single channel when you use it on your motherboard, and if you buy 2 sticks, you can put them in dual-channel mode, to gain higher performance.

    This is a quite nice extra feature on the nforce2 motherboards, though not necessary to use.

    The Corsair XMS3200 is a really good choise, great performance. I run my 512mb stick at 2-2-1 cas 2, extremly good timing and 179mhz, synced with my FSB.
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