Bluescreen after 5-10 minutes

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP2: FFFFF8800FB97630
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
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  1. Does this happen whatever or only when gaming? I found this hope it helps
    The following hardware issues can cause a TDR event:
    1. Unstable overclock (CPU, GPU, etc). Revert all and any overclocks to stock settings.

    2. Bad sector in memory resulting in corrupt data being communicated between the GPU and the system (video memory otherwise known as VRAM or physical memory otherwise known as RAM).

    GPU testing: Furmark

    RAM testing: Memtest86+

    3. Corrupt hard drive or Windows install / OS install resulting in corruption to the registry or page file.

    HDD diagnostics:

    To reset your page file, follow the instructions below:

    a ) Go to Start...Run...and type in "sysdm.cpl" (without the quotes) and press Enter.

    -Then click on the Advanced tab,
    -then on the Performance Settings Button,
    -then on the next Advanced tab,
    -then on the Virtual Memory Change button.

    b ) In this window, note down the current settings for your pagefile (so you can restore them later on).

    -Then click on the "No paging file" radio button, and
    - then on the "Set" button. Be sure, if you have multiple hard drives, that you ensure that the paging file is set to 0 on all of them.
    -Click OK to exit the dialogs.

    c ) Reboot (this will remove the pagefile from your system)

    d ) Then go back in following the directions in step a ) and re-enter the settings that you wrote down in step

    b ). Follow the steps all the way through (and including) the reboot.

    e ) Once you've rebooted this second time, go back in and check to make sure that the settings are as they're supposed to be.

    Run System File Checker:


    Go to Start and type in "cmd.exe" (without the quotes)

    At the top of the search box, right click on the cmd.exe and select "Run as adminstrator"

    In the black window that opens, type "SFC.EXE /SCANNOW" (without the quotes) and press Enter.

    Let the program run and post back what it says when it's done.

    - Overheating of the CPU or GPU and or other components can cause 0x116 bugchecks. Monitor your temperatures and ensure the system is cooled adequately.

    - GPU failure. Whether it's heat, power issue (PSU issue), failing VRAM, etc.

    The following software issues can cause a TDR event:
    -Incompatible drivers of any sort (either GPU, sound, etc)

    -Messy / corrupt registry

    -Bad direct x files (uninstall, then reinstall DirectX)

    -bad system files (System File Checker - was run above)

    -Bad driver (some drivers will cause an event due to internal bugs, however these are not nearly as common as many think due to all of the previous things causing the same symptom) - (remove all 3rd party programs and check to be sure drivers aren't loading. Then install only the necessary 3rd party stuff, and ensure it's the latest version).
  2. Could also be from overheating.
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