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Hauppage HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition

October 30, 2012 12:04:26 AM


I just bought the HD PVR 2 last week and received it today. I can record with it and everything works great. However, I have a set of Turtle Beach X12's and I cannot figure out how to get it to record my own voice.

I have been using the following:

TEST 1 -- Component adapter in the back of the Xbox (The main way to use Turtle Beaches for those also using HDMI.) Seen here:

OUTCOME 1 -- I can record video with sound from the game. However, I cannot record other people talking or myself.

From here I went to the next step.

TEST 2 -- Took the component adapter out to test if I can record the other people talking.

OUTCOME 2 -- I can indeed record it and hear others on my team and the other team talking during the playback.

Now I wanted to try the little adapter added for PS3's. Seen here:

TEST 3/4 -- I hooked up my Turtle Beach headset to the 2 black plugs (red/white) to see if that would record my voice. I also tried switching the red cable (coming from my headset) to the red colored plugin instead of the black/red one.

OUTCOME 3/4 -- Neither of these worked for me.

I am honestly dumbfounded now and cannot figure out what I need to do. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,