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Hello,i have a little, annoying problem. my computer sometimes wont resume from sleep when i hit a button on the keyboard, if i do it fires up then just dies out completely. its like someone hit the power switch on the it just does this randomely, not all the time but its extremely annoying because i have to boot from scratch everytime. does anyone have a clue wahts wrong.? my specs are gigabyte ma790xt-ud4p,
Amd x4 955 phenom 2
G-skill ripjaws 4gb ddr3(2x2gb)
Seasonic 700w P.S
CM v8 cooler and so running windows 7 Ultimate 64
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  1. Last week I bought a Hp Probook 4535s with windows 7 and it displayed similar behaviour, it would not wake from sleep forcing me to hold the power button down until it turned off. I fixed the problem by updating the BIOS. I eventually found my way to a HP site which let me download and update from there!
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