Overclocking an AMD K6-2/450

Ok, before I even start describing my problem: I don't want suggestions to upgrade, etc - I'm working with a budget!

I have a machine in my hands, which has been stripped-down, repaired and reinstated. Sadly, because of the customer's son, multiple parts have been ordered to replace some damaged parts. However, I have been given permission to speed it up a little.

The machine is an AMD K6-2/450, with onboard Sis530 graphics and onboard ESS sound. Schematics of the board, can be found <A HREF="http://inf33-www.informatik.unibw-muenchen.de/infothek/computer/tutorial/eprmhtml/eprmb/f1598.htm" target="_new">here</A>.

The FSB is maxed out at the default 100 FSB (4.5 x 100 @ 2.2v) - which is the highest FSB this board will support!

I have tried 5.0 x 100 @ 2.2v as well as increasing the voltage to 2.3v...with no joy! I tried 2.4v, but also nothing.

Hope somebody can help me squeeze some juice out of this thing, lol!

Thanks a lot in advance folks.

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  1. You can try 2.8v, but you'll need a good cooler for it, most budget Athlon coolers will work.

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  2. What I can tell you for sure is that AMD K6 II has a tendecy to become instable when OC.
    However, to boost your spirit, I have to tell you that I use to have a AMD K6 II at 450vich I OC at 500 (by setting the Bus Clock Ratio to 5)and was quite stable, for a long time, without increasing the voltage.

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  3. What would you say the maximum safest voltage I could go is? I can easily provide an adequate cooler.

    Right now, HSF is attatched with Arctic Silver 3.

  4. Right, taken the plunge...so to speak.

    My results are:
    500MHz: 5.0 x 100FSB @ 2.8v - Stable...any lower, I get crashes!
    550MHz: 5.5 x 100FSB @ 2.9v - Unreliable. I'm VERY weary of going to the next voltage of 3.3v, lol :frown:

    Going to let the machine crunch away some numbers tonight, courtesy of <A HREF="http://www.ud.com/" target="_new">United Devices</A>.

    But should I try 550MHz @ 3.3v?

  5. What I enjoyed doing, before I replaced it with a K6-2 550, was OCing my K6-2 350 to 450 Mhz. Too bad that DFI didn't give me the option of OCing the 550 any higher, there wern't anymore options left.

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  6. b-happy, 500MHz is a GOOD thing.

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  7. Yes 500 is good . My 450 tops out at 480. So I run it at 120x4 on a P5A-B.

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