Random lag in Windows 7...

Good day guys,

this is my first thread i will post here in the forums... and please read carefully :ange:

a few days ago , i recently installed an 32-bit Windows 7 in a used 160 GB HDD
i feel it was way faster and better than on my old 80 GB one with a 32 bit Windows XP SP3

the day after it i installed programs (antivirus , drivers , etc.) first then finally games after them

most of the games i installed were more or less 1 GB in size...
(GTA 3 , VC and SA ; NBA Live 2005 ; F1 Challenge 99-02 ; CS:S and other FPS games. whilst some owned by popcap games)

i tested them if they were okay then it was on the first try. then later it was not...

it ran smoothly for more than 60 FPS (i think) then after 5-10 seconds , it suddenly lags like 30 FPS for also at least 5 seconds , goes back fine after the same how often it lags then vice versa.

in Counter-Strike Source , it didn't go beyond 60 FPS.

i would be greatly appreciated if someone would help me about this problem... :)
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  1. sorry i forgot to post my specs... but here it is:

    Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz
    Kingston 2GB DDR2 RAM
    Seagate 160 GB SATA
    ATI Radeon X1650 512 MB DDR2
    425 W PSU
    Philips 107T 15" monitor (CRT , but i will be buying an LED soon)
  2. same thing here 2 :( my games were working fine for the first 1 month on win 7 bt nw even cs 1.6 lagss like hell :(
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