Why with my component cord work but my hdmi will not on ps3

my PS3 quit working through my HDMI cable. I connected my laptop to the HDMI cable and it works fine. I conneted the PS3 to the tv using the component cable and it works. I checked the settings for the HDMI on the PS3 and still doen't work. Also did the holding of the PS3 button and didn't work. So the HDMI doesn't work but the component cable does. Anyone know why...is the HDMI port on my PS3 bad?
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  1. Well i don't have a PS3 so i have to guess.

    Check if there are any settings that you need to adjust.

    Have you tried just using an HDMI cable by itself? Your PS3 should automatically detect the type of cable. By using both the AV and HDMI cable together it is defaulting to the lowest video setting ... AV.

    You should be able to select the televisions HDMI input using your remote although it may not show up without an HDMI connected device being turned on. That's how my Samsung tv is. My PS3 has to be powered on before I can choose the matching HDMI input on the television.

    No, you don't need another HDMI cable. It doesn't matter if you have a $10 generic cable or a $100 Monster cable. In 99.9% of cases one is going to work as well as the other because it carries a digital signal. Unlike analog it's either going to work perfectly or not at all.

    In response to the poster who said you first have to set your PS3 up using the standard AV cable that is completely wrong. My PS3s original AV cable is still untouched and sealed in its original packaging.

    You have to change the video settings on your PS3 to use HDMI. Plug in the scart cable to go into the video settings. Once you change it so that HDMI is your selected cable method, just plug the HDMI in.

    These are quotes from Yahoo Answers.
  2. ok...thanks...we have tried many variations in an attempt to resolve the problem. I found other sites, like the PS site and it seems to be a common problem. It looks like the HDMI port has been fried...possibly a power surge...$150 to get it fixed at Sony. Guess I will just use a component cable for now.
  3. Try it on a different tv. If you still have no signal, then the HDMI port is dead.
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