Display Incorrect Processor Speed?

Hey everyone,
This is my first time overclocking...
P4 2.4ghz B
Soyo P4X400 Ultra

I took the cpu from 133*18=2.39ghz
to 135*19=2.56ghz

But when I right click on my computer properties it states the speed at 2.43ghz... can someone explain why to me..

Thank You
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  1. that is correct for 135X18=2430.you can't change the multiplier on p4s as far as i know (at least not easily) so it has stayed at 18.just keep going with the fsb.it's quite safe coz the agp and pci busses will be locked.

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  2. LOL. U CANNOT change the multiplier on P4. U have the menu in Bios but it's no good (if u don't have a test cpu). So actually your cpu speed is 135*18=2.43Ghz.

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  3. ok got it thanks a lot
  4. No-one can unlock the P4 at the moment... but some hardware review sites have 'unlocked production samples'... atleast that is what they say.

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  5. you should be able to get your fsb to 160. this will net you 160x18=2880. my p4 2.4a can reach this, albeit with only a fsb of 120(x 24 = 2.880). you may even get a bit higher.......keep upping it a couple notches at a time, until it locks up, then back it down a couple.!!! good luck man !!!

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