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Hey everyone. I'm looking in to buying a new gaming headset to replace my G930 gaming headset. First off, i want to express what's currently wrong with my G930 and why i want to replace it:

- Software problems with Win7. I have a sort of crackle when listening to anything. It comes in a pattern and i haven't been able to solve it no matter what i tried. It's low enough to annoy you but not loud enough to just throw away the headset. Surprisingly, i can't hear it when in a game, but i can hear it when someone talks to me through Skype or Teamspeak.
- Microphone makes my voice way higher pitched than it should. It has a voice morphing option that apparently, i can't disable. It lets me choose between six different pitch calibrations (Lowest to Highest) and my voice just doesn't sound like my voice on any of them. I've chosen the one that makes my voice sound less...awkward, and still, my voice is way higher pitched than it should be.
- It turns off randomly and continues to turn itself back on. This happens whenever it feels like doing so.

Anyway, as you can see, i've had various problems with this headset and i want to change it for a new one that is fully compatible with windows 7. I don't care much for audio, although 5.1 Surround would be nice. What i really care about is the mic quality. I'm gonna start recording myself playing with a friend to upload these videos on youtube and i want to get the best out of my mic. If it makes any difference, i'm gonna be using Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to record my sound and my screen. I have an integrated sound card, using the Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard. I'd prefer it be wired, since i have bad experience with wireless stuff so far. Any suggestions?
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  1. Turtle Beach EARFORCE X12 is a good choice for only 60$
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