What would i have FPS?

How/What do i have FPS?

If I use GeForce 9400 GT DDR2 + Power Supply Gamer 980W + Memory (2x 4GB)?
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  1. Do you mean Frames Per Second or First Person Shooter?

    What games, what CPU do you have?
  2. Frames per sec and Game is Crossfire

    CPU kind of AMD like HP PC
  3. Yes you could probably play it medium to high depending on what CPU you have got, i,ve got 2 HP PCs, one has a intel CPU and one has a AMD CPU so your second piece of info doesn't help alot.

    In the start menu search system info and press enter, it will come up with a window that shows you info on your computer or download a program called CPU-Z which will tell you info on your CPU.
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