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Hi, I am facing spikes n skips when i toggle the map while playing dota 2. otherwise the game runs smooth. it never happened when i had 2 gb ram and i3. now i have i5 -3450 @ 3.10Ghz 3.50Ghz. Giga byte motherboard H77-DS3H. with corsair xms 4gb ram. other games run smooth like dishonored.

I dont know what might be causing the issue . can any one help?
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  1. Hi,

    what do you mean by "toggle the map"? toggle icons on minimap? or click to navigate over the minimap?

    What GPU do you have or are you running with integrated? what resolution?

    what ram kit do you have? can you give an exact link to newegg or corsair website please?
    Have you manually set the timing for RAM in BIOS settings?

    Have you checked that you got latest graphics drivers?
  2. as in when i move the map on screen with the cursor. panning in other words.

    i have sparkle gtx 560. havent made any changes to the ram bios or anything.

    its "CORSAIR XMS3 DDR3 4GB-1600BUS 4GX1 (CMZ4GX3M16000C9)"

    and i have the latest drivers

    my OS is win 7 64 bit
  3. also note that i have a 460 watt cooler master PSU. also about the drivers . i havent installed the intel vga ones but only the nvidia ones for my GPU. and i dont have drivers ( SM bus controller and Universal Serial bus(USB) controller installed). i dont know if thats an issue aswell. please help
  4. hmm, ok panning is either you're low on vram or your ram is having troubles.

    How much vram did the 560 come with. Check if it's getting filled up completely (close to 100%). If yes, decrease your resolution.

    As far as I can tell the XMS module you got (you gave a wrong serial by the way), is a 1.65V module. The fact that it's running tells me that the motherboard probably underclocked it and it's possibly running under spec. You'll need to go into BIOS and verify the settings. A better option is to actually get 1.5V memory module that doesn't require undervolting in order to work with your board.
  5. ill give you the correct info about my xms ram so you can see if its compatble with my motherboard. my card is 1gb gtx 560. and i play on 16:9 resolution on a Fujitsu LED display monitor.
  6. lowering the res didnt solve the issue. I think i can play on full res cuz my specs can support it . it shudnt e an issue. i dont know what might be the exace issue. either something isnt compatible with the other or its a driver issue or somthing of the sort.
  7. yea and here is the link to my ram
  8. any solution now ?
  9. the solution is still the same, you're not running your ram up to spec. try it with sticks that were designed to run at 1.5V
  10. mine is how much "V" ?
  11. mine is 1.5V . just checked :)
  12. I guess I'll have to explain it like I"m speaking with a 5 year old.

    The RAM stick that you have is made to work at 1.65V. Your CPU cannot work with RAM at 1.65V. Because of this your motherboard UNDERVOLTS your ram to 1.5V.

    so, I'm glad you checked, confirms what I thought.
  13. dudeee. the ram says 1.5V on it. why would my mother board have to undervolt it . :s
    mr 30 year old
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