Gameboy color pokemon editon what would be a good price

what would be a good price for a gameboy color pokemon editon witch is just missing the battry cover.

also it would come with 2 mabs 3 pokemon games

pokemon gold

pokemon blue

?pokemon silver?

looking for a good price.

sen :)
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  1. there not that expensive used $50-$60, i'd keep it personally. and the original games are the best, most pokemon now look like a ton of crap
  2. most of the new pokemon look like pokemon had sex with robots and had retarded babies. i could handle the first expansion of pokemon in to the extra 100-150, but after that it got outta hand, i dont even know how many there are now.
  3. I sold my pokemon yellow for $60 last year around august on ebay. I'm sure you can get about a good $150+.
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