Vantec Aeroflow

Anyone use this before? I am thinking of getting it but im not sure, I might get that new volcano 11 thats comming out, and just tune it down. I was looking for a quieter cpu HS combo for my 1.4. Thanks
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  1. I've got a Vantec Aeroflow on my Athlon XP 1.4 and i get about 38 idle and about 45 on load... though I use my motherboard's cooling utility (called PC Alert - by MSI) and it brings my idle to about 30 and my load hits 38 at most... Its a good silent cooler, but I think its the fan that lack cfm... and for the price, its definitely worth it (over a Volcano 9 for sure, though I don't know the specs on this so-called Volcano 11)..

    Woohoo! Broke the 30-celcius barrier with through the loud and innefficient world of air-cooling! Also, never - NEVER - play with gum in one hand and hair in the other... just trust me.
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