overclocking geforce 4 440mx

i have an msi geforce 4 440 mx and i was wondering if i should use the overclocking capabilities they provide in the options. i was wondering how much should i overclock without any extra cooling, can you give me exact numbers?
my card is making a strange noise and i almost burnt myself when touching it, is that too much overclocing? im just kidding! please tell me what to do

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  1. you will start to see screen errors before your card will get damaged, so increase the core/memory a few mhz at a time untill you start to see artifacts, such as missing/messed up textures, white spots, or funky colors, or it freezes. Once any of that starts to happen, back it off a couple mhz and thats where u r.
    The memory is the main thing that causes artifacts, so play with each individually and see how high it can go.
    It would be nice if you at least had good case cooling, but even if you dont heat shouldnt be too much of an issue, the cards not gonna kill itself without giving you some kind of warning first.

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