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I am a keen player of League Of Legends, Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft and many other games. However lately every 10 minutes of the game I get 3-8 FPS and becomes unplayable. It started on LoL and after researching others had been having problems after a patch. I updated my drivers to see if this would fix it but it didn't so I played the other games I stated above. However I have started to get low FPS on these also when I have the settings lower than I used to. My PC specs are:

AMD Athlon II X2 215 dual-core processor

NVidia G-Force 9200


500 GB

I have tried using game booster and clearing my computer but this has not proved succesful. I would be very grateful of any help, advice or explanations offered.

Thank You
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  1. Dont use game booster, its bs, just uninstall it. Your system is pretty dated there but I'm not totally sure why it would just get worse out of nowhere. Try defrag the disk, reinstalling games/verifying caches.
    If those do not work then that sounds like an overheating problem, download a temp monitor (HW Monitor or MSI Afterburner are my favs) and report back here with GPU and CPU temps.
  2. do clean install of driver. if the performance still the same with the latest driver (beta 310.xx) then revert back to the one you use before. btw if im not mistaken geforce 9200 integrated graphic. if you want better gaming experience you should get discrete one.
  3. never heard of a seperately sold 9200 GT ....it must be an internal card....
    So trying doing what buddies above said..
    And remember do keep two versions of gfx drivers..always....!!
    The latest one and a pretty older one...
    Some of the older cards perform horribly with the latest drivers , so, its worthy switching back to older drivers....
    Best of luck...!!!
  4. In addition to what the others have said, check your cpu and graphics card temperatures
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