Some Questions about Windows 8 Upgrade and DVD!!!

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Hope you all are in good health and spirits :)

I have some questions about Windows 8:

1. How Windows Upgrade Assistance determines which version (x64 or x86) of Windows 8 to download? Is it our current OS version or Hardware?

If it's current OS version, than what if someone running x86 OS on x64 Hardware? :o

2. The Windows 8 DVD we create using Windows Upgrade Assistance is bootable? Does this DVD installs Windows 8 like any other OS of Windows (7/Vista/XP) after formatting partitions or by means of clean install?

I have read some blogs where they say there are problems with Clean Install of Windows 8, as it doesn't accept product key.

You help is appreciated


- Mrinmay, India :)
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    1. The upgrade assistant detects which OS architecture you are currently using (not what the hardware in your system is actually capable of), and upgrades you to the corresponding version of Windows 8.

    2. Yes, the .ISO image file you download for later use (should you choose to go that route) is bootable. It will operate like the install disk of any previous version of Windows that you would boot from to install Windows on your machine.

    As for people having issues with product keys, I have heard of this as well, but it was specific to upgrades to Windows 8, not those done via clean install (an upgrade was performed and the key was accepted, but did not activate after the upgrade was done). Either way, you should be able to contact Microsoft if you use the Upgrade Assistant and run into a problem with the key after the install is complete.
  2. Thanks a lot for your response :love:
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