How can i overclock my Processor

Hi guys . I have got a a problem . My processor is amd athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4600+ 2.40 GHz .
and I have got HIS radeon HD 5770 GDDR5 and i have got 2 GB of ddr2 ram and i have got windows 8 professional built 9200 .
when i play games like Mafia 2 , Fifa 12 , Fifa 13 , call of duty black ops , NFS Shift , N.A Noire , NFS Hot pursuit , NFS The run and many other games on 800*600 and all the details are on low they work on 10-15 Frame and when i play them on 1920*1080 all maxed out the work on 10-15 frame as well .
and when i watch videos on youtube for gameplays for my Graphics card in the videos these games work on 30-45 frames with fraps .
i noted some thing :- i started the task manager and then i started one of these games and then i played for 5 minutes and then i saw the usage of my rams and the usage of my CPU . the usage of the ram were 85 % but the usage of the processor were 100 % so i think this error comes from my processor .

how can i fix this problem . and i tried to overclock my processor but i couldn't do that .

how can i overclock my CPU ?

please help me guys .

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  1. First of you need to know if your motherboard will allow you to overlock that cpu and you could always add more ram to improve performance. Having 4gb of ram is a must these days
  2. Find out if your mobo is OC ready, but i would heavily suggest upgrading your system soon, Athlons are not good for overclocking compared to a £70 Phenom X4, One of the easiest and most efficient Overclocking proccessors that are out there.
  3. these games which u mentioned , i mean, from mafia 2 till nfs the run aren't much cpu tbh i don't see a need for overclocking your cpu..
    Maybe there's some other problem.
    My pentium D (which is even worse than your processor) manages mafia 2 at 1920*1680 resolution at max settings with a stable frame rate of 30-35 with the cpu usage being 75% max
    as far as i see, maybe, your windows 8 is using much of your cpu .
    So, i'd recommend u to switch back to windows 7 ultimate......
    Hope it helps...!! Njoy..!!
    (add 2 more gigs of ram)
  4. Is there any reason for creating another thread?
  5. if itys the 90nm version you can only get about 100mhz out of it over the auto oc settings that your motherboard will automatically apply.
    if its the 60nm version you will be able to get it to 600mhz more by turning up the ht link speed and the NB multiplyer.
    your real issue is your pc is pretty much bottom of the line for gaming with tri core minimum games.(ie games that were developed on the xbox rather than pc). your gfx is a bit weak for anything over minimum on high end and medium for lesser games. the days of high settings are long gone for that gfx card.
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    While i agree that the CPU must be upgraded in order for him to have a good gaming experiance, the graphics card has still got plenty of time left.
    I own a HD 5770 too and while there are some games i cant play with above 50 fps even on their minimum settings - Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Alpha MP (the thing runs like CRAP) i can play most games with reasonable details.

    In my opinion you should check if your motherboard is compatable with AM3 CPU's and if it is then you should rush to the nearest store and buy an AMD Phenom II X4 965.
    You will not be dissapointed by the performance increase.
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