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Hey guys. So gta IV is a dick and i just cant get social club to register my save games. I have had enough with my PC disc.

So I am finding an emulator or whatever u call one of those. Basically running xbox/ps3 games on my PC. Then I will torrent one of the gta IV games for consoles and run it. I just need one of those emulators because I do not have a console.
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  1. XBOX 360/PS 3 emulators do not exist. There are, however, original XBOX and PS2 emulators.

    P. S. Tom's Hardware does not support piracy, so keep it out of the discussion!
  2. Oh you pirate games? You should google PS3 emulator and run the .exe that pops up. Good luck, Godspeed!
  3. Or you can just use steam
  4. there is a xbox360 emulator and ps3 under construction

    xbox 360

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