How to install certain part of the game ??

Today I downloaded windows 8 (had 7) and I think I made a mistake cause I didn't upgrade
so my games are on the other drives but they wont work because their system files are missing
I don't wont to re-install my games so is ther a way to install the system files only
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  1. I think what you mean is registry entries and things like DirectX, C+ Redist, PhysX and things like that. And no there is not a way to install those only, you will need the original installer for every game you are trying to copy. If they were from steam then just stick the main data back into steamapps folder and delete executables, re download from steam and let it do its thing. As for anything else installed from a CD or whatever, you will need original installer
  2. Thanks for the replies
    but I have many games installed
    and re-installing them will take a lot of time
    and I have all the DVDs
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    Well, sorry, but thats the only way to do it.
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  5. OK
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