Several games have messed up shadows and shader fx with sli

Note: I have re-posted this thread due to originally posting it in a section that obviously gets very few reads.

I have a new GTX 690 and have noticed that a lot of games have messed up shadows (i.e. shadows flickering and/or only coming into view at indirect angles, or missing small chunks entirely) or shading FX (In Witcher 2 Enhanced, when using a charged power activated by up on the 360 controller d-pad, the FX of the "sphere" I'm in that slows time flicker annoyingly when I'm not moving but only in certain areas of the game) and I know for a fact that it's related to SLI and that my GPU is fine because running the games I have issues with on a single GPU removes the glitchy effects regardless of which GPU I'm running the game on. All of the info I could find ended in being fixed by either moving the SLI bridge in different ways, or installing older drivers, and (knowing it can't be the SLI bridge because both of the GPU's are connected through on-board circuitry) I don't want to install older drivers for my own reasons.

So, My question is; How can I fix these glitches besides installing older drivers?

The games I'm having the most notable trouble with are;

Skyrim; Sometimes shadows only render visibly at indirect angles such as turning the camera towards a different location and the shadows become visible on the corners of the screen. And sometimes when in or near water there is a weird "circle" around my character ONLY visible in the water as some kind of "ring" that is darker and disappears after a few seconds, Sometimes the reflection in water looks severely glitchy until I move around the water a bit and it's normal again. Or looking at certain visual effects such as the water flowing around the tree in Whiterun sometimes has "white water" in front of rocks in the water flow and the said white water is flickering constantly. Lastly, sometimes (but not in all areas and sometimes the following effects fix themselves) moving through water results in ripple effects on the water which when using SLI the ripples flicker at a rate that hurts my eyes but turning off SLI and using either GPU individually results in the effects not glitching anymore.

Crysis 2; Pretty much just the shadows in the my player have a noticeable "blank" spot where the shadows just refuse to render regardless of which direction I turn but this only happens in some areas all of which are outdoors, and as with Skyrim the effects are repeatable only when using SLI.

BF3; Some shadows just flicker at certain times and once again as with Skyrim the effects are repeatable only when using SLI.

Most other games; Some shadows just flicker at certain times and sometimes the effects are either most noticeable or only noticeable during certain cut-scenes and the effects are related to SLI.

Also my processor is an i7 3770K @4.5 GHz with liquid cooling and Hyperthreading IS disabled, and I have all the latest drivers. And yes when I update my Nvidia drivers I always select "Clean install". And my PSU is a Corsair AX 670 Gold 80 Plus certified.
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  1. Not much you can do apart for try different drivers, SLI can be a pain at times.

    EDIT - Open Nvidia control panel and check power mode is set to max performance, also check it is set to single display mode.

    Is everything fine with SLI disabled?
  2. Yep already set to those settings in the Nvidia control panel. And ya everything is fine with sli disabled or forcing the game to use only gpu 1, or 2.
  3. Ok, You will have to try different drivers versions and see if it makes a difference. Im pretty sure it is a driver problem.
  4. But from everything I've read, the only drivers without these issues are pre 3xx versions and AFAIK the only ones that support the GTX 690 ARE the 3xx versions, that and the fact that searching for "beta and legacy drivers" results in the oldest driver shown being "GeForce R300 Driver, Version 301.34".
  5. What version are you on now? I see this on the nvidia site

    GeForce 310.33 Driver BETA 310.33 23.10.2012

    Might be worth a try. I have 2 570's but had a hard time getting them working, I got so fed up with it I reinstalled my OS and installed beta drivers, it then started working.

    Not sure if the same will work for you but you have to try something.
  6. I'm using the 310.33 Beta drivers, I always use beta drivers if they're available.
  7. I know its a long shot, but have you tried setting your cpu to stock speeds?

    Im struggling to think of any more suggestions, im surprised no one else has offered any advice. Have you tried Nvidia support?
  8. I had my CPU at stock speeds for at least a week if not more and already had this problem, but I OC'd my CPU for better performance in a couple of extremely CPU intensive games and that didn't cause any more problems.
  9. Forgot to mention that OC'ing my CPU also did not fix any problems either.
  10. all you can do is hope nvidia bring out some game profiles. update there drivers and basically pull there sox up as they do seem to be a little slow at getting updates out regularly.
    it really does suck that you spend so much on there top[ end card and it turns out to be near useless for a lot of games even a month after there released.
  11. Hi, lois.
    I just found this post through google, and I must say I've had the EXACT same problem with my gtx 690 since August.
    I recently started playing skyrim again, thinking surely nvidia has gotten around to fix it now. Doesn't seem like they have though :(
    I haven't really got a solution for you. Just wanted to say your not alone :P

    Not really a shading expert, but if I was to guess what the problem is I think it has something to do with the two GPU's not sharing memory. Like if the shading code relies on values from the previously rendered frame even though skyrim is likely set to AFR.
    Kind of a wild guess since I have no clue about this stuff. :P
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