Red alert 2

can i play red alert 2 Yuri's revenge on windows 8?
i have downloaded what i am to believe is this game but does not work/load?
is there a way to load and play this game??
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  1. ARe you trying to install a demo?
  2. i already try install Yuri's revenge on win8 beta .....when i run the program i can see the game interface but didn't see any menu , only background color...but when i try to click something in the screen suddenly i can see the menu's...but when i release the mouse control i just can see background game only...try everything i know from compatible version to administrator setting with no hope at all......can share any infor regarding this.....
  3. I get the same exact error. I have tried re-installing, run-as-admin, compatibility options, virtual machines, and changing the resolution/color depth of my computer to no avail. If anyone can help, please respond!
  4. It's quite possible the game is incompatible with Windows 7/8.

    Sometimes older games can have trouble working properly on newer PC's.

    It's a shame, I really loved RA 2 :(
  5. I have had the same problem. When I ran the game it will come up to the title screen...really slow, then you can't see the icons to choose anything. I have a spare HD that I kept WIN 7 on to use things that WIN 8 beta won't run. I can install Bioshock and Bioshock 2, but they won't run on WIN 8 beta either.
  6. You have to change all executables to WinXP SP3 compatibility. I have the First Decade Collection fully patched, including the community patches, and it works if I set all eight .exe's in my RA2 folder to WinXP SP3 compatibility mode.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, my comments are for Windows 7. Microsoft's website (photonboy's link below) also says that RA2 is completely incompatible for Windows 7. But, the same workaround for Win7 may work for Win8 also.
  7. I know that this is such an old game that it does not support directx. So depending if you have an compatible graphics card or find a way around the drivers it should work. I am really not sure how to do this except use a different computer or change your hardware configuration.
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  9. try this :
    add>>> VideoBackBuffer=no
    to section on RA2MD.INI for Yuri and RA2.ini for R.A 2
    it is worked on win8 x64
  10. u can play any games on windows 8 just right click d games icon nd do compatible wid a previous version of windows
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