anyone heard of xp1700 tbred b cores

Im just wondering because i picked one uplast night asnd im wondering if there mainstream of if i just got really lucky. Its running at a cool 2075mhz w 1.7v. it'll hit 2.3w 1.8v and im using a junk aluminum cooler.

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  1. Is that as far as you could take it? I am rather dissapointed with that to be honest. Then again you are only using a cheapy aluminum cooler. The 1700 T-Bred B`s have been out for a while. Also the 2100 T-Bred B`s too. They nearly all seem to always get great overclocks. Over here in Australia we get dissapointed if we cant get at least a 100% overclock out of a 1700 with good watercooling. (I.E. 2.8 to 2.9gighz over 1.47gighz) if you get a halfdeascent cooler you should be able to take that CPU a lot higher. But to simplfy yes the T-Bred B 1700`s and 2100`s are mainstream.

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  2. yes.. you are the second person with a tbredB @ XP1700+ speeds. You my good sir have got a fantastic find on your hands.
    I suggest you get a better cooler and find out what it can REALLY do :smile:

    some XP2000+'s are also reported to be tbredB's too.

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  3. thanks . I got an answer in the cpu forum but any other info would be helpful. like what cooler is best for ocing. Its been awhile(about a year) since i was in the ocing comunity.

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  4. The best coolers at the moment are the Swiftech MCX462 and the Volcano 7 (but the 11 will probably be better once it is out).

    Man, I would really like to get my hand on a T-bredB XP1700+.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  5. yea man the day before i got the a7n8x, so it was awesome when i realized that i had a b core.

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  6. ditto... my tbredA XP1700 is a sweet little overclocker, but the tbredB whooooo.

    ahhh well. too late now. Ill just wait for cheap barton xp2500+'s to arrive in quantity.

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  7. how do you tell it's a "b", I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one.

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  8. They have a different core stepping name... vk2amv knows which IIRC.

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  9. What I know which IIRC? To be perfectly honest I dont even know what IIRC stands for. But if you mean I know what stepping code to look for than correct. I learnt a little bit from here """" Also for more people who have a T-Bred B fad at the moment goto """" and ask them a few questions. I learnt most of what I know about T-Breds from there. That is where I learnt what week codes and exact steppings to look out for to get nice overclockers. Though they mainly concentrate on the 2100 T-Bred B because the 1700 is still fairly scarce even though they are around over here in australia. But if you just want to get straight into it then a good core stepping to look out for is the AIUHB core stepping. Get that and you will be pretty safe for a good overclock. OH and this is not directed only at svol. It is for anyone interestered.
    Thats all the advice I can give at the moment.

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  10. thanks for the info, the guys at fry's usually let me look at the steppings before purchasing an oem cpu. They are pretty cool about it, friend of mine got a 2100+ from there, doing 2.25 at last contact.

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  11. "IIRC" = "If I Recall Correctly".

    My Tbred 1700+ is on it's way from but I don't know if it's Tbred A or B. Several customers received the "B" but at the cheap price of $53 USD I think it's pot luck.

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  12. well even with the A you can at least get 25% out of it...
    Not a complete dead loss.

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  13. I should have read the customer comments more carefully. For about 3 weeks most customers have been receiving the JIUCB or JIUHB Tbred B steppings.

    Tbred A or B, doesn't matter too much to me. My mobo only hits 150 Mhz FSB anyway which would mean 12.5 * 150 = 1860 if I'm that lucky. (Unless I'm really lucky <b>and</b> I want to mod the chip).

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  14. awww thats too bad.
    You should really mod the chip man!
    the Last L3 bridge unlock is real easy to do... no filling trenches, just a small loop around the side with conductive ink/paint and your done!

    moooood theeee chippppp
    Then with the latest bios you can stay at 133fsb and get all the way up to 2200mhz or more!

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  15. What bridge do you have to connect to unlock the upper multi's? im stuck at 12.5.

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  16. You got that wrong. The 5th L3 bridge represents the high order bit for multipliers. XP2100s and higher have the bridge open, meaning the bit is ON. If you close the bridge you enable 12.5x and LOWER multipliers. When the bridge is open then the HIGHER multilpliers are available.

    XP 1700-2000 already have that bridge closed which means the high bit is OFF. To enable high multipliers on these processors you need to reverse the process, that is, cut the bridge.
    To get my Tbred 1700 to 2000 Mhz (if I can) I'll need to have 15x if I want to run AGP and PCI at spec. Of course, on my old board I will run into the multiplier remapping issue which is a problem. Notice the remapping isn't as simple as adding the the high bit (8x) to the BIOS setting.

    <b>Remapping table for older motherboards (Courtesy of JMC2)</b>

    Bios setting...
    5x = black screen
    5.5 = same
    6 = same
    6.5 = same
    7 = 15x
    7.5 = 22.5x
    8 = 16x
    8.5 = 16.5x
    9 = 17x
    9.5 = 18x
    10 = weird... bootup says 252Mhz x 1.0 (252 times ONE)
    norton info say 2300Mhz (1.85 volts)
    10.5 = black screen
    11 = same
    11.5 = 19x
    12 = black screen
    12.5 = 20x

    Notice that 7X gets remapped to the 15X and that is the multiplier I want. The problem is that the XP 1700 has a default of 11x. Notice 11x get remapped to something that won't POST (probably 23X-28X). This means I also have to mod the chip with a usable default multiplier. This also presents a problem. According to the table above, 15X is the lowest remapped multiplier. This means If my processor won't work at 15x133, the lowest combination once the 5th bit is enabled, then I won't be able to post at all.

    This is why I am hesitant to mod the chip.

    If you want read about this stuff check out Usenet at Google Groups. Lot's of people are successful with Tbreds on older motherboards but there are tricks and risks.

    I've heard of people reaching 2.4 Ghz with a Tbred 2100+ on old KT133 motherboards. That's 24 x 100.

    Haven't heard much about Tbred B 1700's yet.

    Also checkout this site (Wes Newell's website).

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  17. allright... i bow to your superiority here :smile:

    but 24 x 100 with sdram??? do you know how bandwidth restricted that will be??? :smile:

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
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  18. Yup, very bandwidth limited. However, if any AIUHB core Tbred B's get binned as 1700's watch out. You could give your average Tbird 1000 system + KT133 mobo a nice boost for short money, about $50-$60 USD.

    Even bandwidth limited a 2.4 Ghz system can still do some decent DIVX and MP3 encoding. Remember, the floating point unit is very fast, and you add SSE and hardware prefetch which the Tbird didn't have. Gaming will improve also but probably will be more limited by the low bandwidth.

    Looking forward to doing some benchmarks (even if I only get to 1800 Mhz). I have a KT133A mobo by the way. I just mentioned the other example because I was impressed that the Tbreds even work.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  19. I guess, but when i went from a kt133A to my kt333 my divx scores skyrocked as i got a massive memory bandwidth boost, even with the system bus still at 133 (and this was with a low end 1333Mhz)
    But i guess it would be better than nothing. :smile:

    heres an interesting link i found, how to unlock similar to the toms way
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
    be severely beaten with a rock. :smile: </b>
  20. Hey that's great. I'd paint rather than solder any day.

    The motherboard mod's aren't new though. I remember mods to wire dip switchblocks to motherboards to enable multiplier adjustments. Someone found the pinouts corresponding to the L1 bridges back in the early Duron Spitfire days. I was surprised that more people weren't doing it.

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  21. it is quite a nifty idea instead of wiring up the pins of the CPU.

    relativly simple and hastle free, plus you can swap out processors like normal.

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
    be severely beaten with a rock. :smile: </b>
  22. Well closing the 5th L3 bridge is relatively easy as in your link. Cutting the bridge would be more difficult which reminds me...

    I just remembered why more people didn't do the switchblock mod. You can't override the processor bridges. To make it work you find the corresponding pinouts on the back of the mobo then cut the traces then you can BYPASS the traces.

    Rather tricky surgery cutting the traces on a multilayer motherboard without damaging anything else.

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  23. Well the Tbred B (JIUHB, week 2) is here and it's nice. I'm running it at 1875 Mhz (12.5 * 150) and it's at a cool 34 degrees. (Don't know how accurate my motherboard sensor is. I can't even find it. LOL!. My old Abit mobo had a thermister in the middle of the socket. There's nothing visible on the Epox 8KTA3PRO).

    I haven't had time to do any real benchmarking but it seems stable at 1.7 volt. Actually it seemed stable at 1.6 volt. I haven't stressed it yet, in either case.

    I've got it overclocked as far as my motherboard will let me. I had a glimmer of hope for more when I discovered my BIOS has mulitpliers of 13x and 14x. When I POSTed at 14x the BIOS reported Unknown CPU at 2100 Mhz but when I got into Windows I discovered the system running at 750 Mhz (5 X 150). :frown: 13x was interpreted as 12.5X which puts the CPU at 1875 Mhz. This is exactly what I thought would happen but the 14x multiplier had me hoping.

    I don't know if I'm going to risk cutting the 5th L3 bridge to get at the higher multipliers.

    I am curious how far this thing will overclock, though.

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  24. well judging by what others get you might be able to run at 1.65v at that speed or possibly lower.

    keep lowering the voltage till the benchmark programs and games crash.

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
    be severely beaten with a rock. :smile: </b>
  25. OK, greed will hurt you every time!

    So I install my XP 1700+ and runs right up to the max of my KT133A mobo, 12.5 X 150, 1875 Mhz. Am I satisfied with this? Of course not! So I decide to Mod the chip.

    As I mentioned earlier this involves CUTTING the 5th L3 bridge. This in turn enables the 8X multiplier bit which provides access to multipliers 15X and higher. The 1700+ has all five L3 bridges closed normally so I decide to cut the 4th L3 bridge. This makes the default multiplier 15x which is good because after clearing CMOS the system will POST at 15 x 100 and 1500 Mhz is a safe speed.

    Everything was going great, I started cycling through the BIOS mulipliers of 6X-13X to confirm the multiplier remappings that others before me have found. Sure enough I confirmed the previously discovered multipliers, 15x, 16x, 16.5x, 17x, 18x, 19x, 20x, 22.5x, and 23x. (I was unable to get 24X).

    I was thinking that I was home free. OK, now that I've found that the multipliers do work it's time to get to overclocking. I stop using a 100 Mhz bus and switch to 133 Mhz.

    <b>NO GO!!!</b>

    I can't POST at 133 mhz with any of the above multipliers. The only exception is 17x133 or 2266 Mhz but this speed is not stable even at 1.9 volt. I can get into Windows but then the system will either freeze or I get some errors. It's really strange that 17 X 133 will POST but 15 x 133, 16 x 133, and 16.5 x 133 won't.

    For now I can only use 100 mhz FSB. I'm using the XP1700+ at 20 X 100.

    I reach my goal, 2 Ghz, but not quite the way I wanted! LOL!

    Not to worry, NOW I CAN do the "U" trick on the 5th L3 bridge and restore the lower multipliers.

    Restoring the default multiplier for the XP1700+ is a little more difficult because I've cut the 4th L3 bridge.

    I haven't given up yet on the Mod, though. I'm thinking that because the lowest speed with the now mod'd chip is 2000 Mhz, 15 X 133, then the reason I am unable to POST is that the default voltage is too low at 1.6 volt. Maybe I'll mod the L11 bridge. Closing the second L11 bridge will give me 1.8 volt instead of 1.6 volt. At least I won't be doing any more cutting.

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  26. anyone know of a wire trick to run @166fsb. the mobo im using now auto detects it and wont let me change it.

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  27. Anyone?

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  28. Update:

    <b>The Plot Thickens</b>

    OK, so I read that some Tbred XP 2100+ work in old KT133 mobos but the mulitpliers get remapped because these old mobos don't understand the 5th mulitiplier bit. People with the XP2100 are able to POST at 17X (I think) and also overclock obtaining 20x, 22.5x, 23x, and 24x, multipliers. KT133 has a 100 Mhz FSB.

    I decide that this should work about the same with KT133A. I choose to go with an XP1700+ (because it's really cheap and so am I). I'm hoping to use the 15x, 16x, 16.5x, 17x, and 18x mulitipliers if I am lucky. I mod my chip so that the default is now 15X (L3 bridges - CLOSED, CLOSED, CLOSED, OPEN, OPEN). If my mobo simply ignores the 5th multiplier bit then the default should be interpreted as 7X. Either way, the CPU should still POST after clearing CMOS. This way I don't have to use an old CPU, make some BIOS changes, and then swap CPUs. Anyway I'm expecting the system to POST at 15 x 100, 15 x 133, or 7 x 100 or 7 x 133.
    It POSTed at 15 x 100.

    I then go on to test all the multiplier remapping which all work for the most part but that's with FSB at 100 Mhz.

    Next I try with FSB at 133 Mhz, which was the whole reason for me to mod the chip in the first place, to get to high multipliers, do some higher overclocking, and get past the of 12.5x limitation.

    This doesn't work. No combination of multipliers combined with 133 Mhz bus work. [Dejection!]

    With a bit of luck, someone (on usenet) recommends that I try 13x multiplier. Now I don't know how to do this because (1) it's a higher multiplier and (2) my BIOS just interprets 13x as 12.5x (3) 13x is not one of the known remapped multipliers for old mobos. This means I don't know how to select 13X.

    However, the suggestion strikes a chord in my memory. I relook at my BIOS setting. 13X appears as the default multiplier. (Remember, I mod'd my chip to have a default of 15x but 13x is listed. 7x should have been listed). I've already gone thru every combination of multiplier using 133 Mhz bus but I always change it manually. This time I use the default setting and it works! My system POSTs at <b>15x</b> (not the 13x listed) with FSB 133 Mhz. [Success!!!!!!!]

    I'm still playing but so far the best I have done is 15 x 140, at 1.725 volt core, 37 degrees.

    2100 Mhz, XP 2500+? XP 2600+? on KT133A. [The old dog still lives]

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  29. dude please just buy a new motherboard!

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  30. Yes i think i got one too, i got suspiciously when my temps where around 30C with a cheap HSF.
    See my link >

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  31. Got a 1700+ from NewEgg ordered 2/12/2003 and it cranks very well!
    It startup up at 11*166 and never looked back..
    Runs 12 * 166 (1992) with std Vcore(1.6) and CoolMaster 6I31C 38-44C, Stable!
    Will go 11 * 180 - No problem... Smokin bandwith - 3000+!!!
    12 * 180 STOPS IT!

    Works so well at 12 * 166 I ain't messin aound any more.
    Best $50 processor I've ever had!!!
  32. Ive just ordered mine in UK from komplett, should be here tommorrow to replace my hot 2000+ Palomino. Cant wait to crank it up, sell the 2000+ to my friend, and then end up making a profit here :smile:

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  33. Don't need a new motheboard yet. Next upgrade will be when Doom III is out. At that time I'll decide what is needed for the best experience.

    Tbred B was just a curiosity to me. Been hearing how people were getting 2100+ and 2400+ working on old KT133. Had to see how it worked on KT133A.

    Now I know.

    As a performance upgrade, by itself, the Tbred B @2.1 didn't do much for me. MP3 encoding (WAV to MP3 hard disk only) is about 25% faster than with my Tbird @1.5. Couple of hundred points in 3DMark2001. 20 fps improvement in Q3. Nothing in UT2003 demo.

    I would get a little better peformance if I had picked a default multiplier of 14x instead of 15x (but I had good reason for 15x). With 15x I can only run my bus at 140-142 Mhz before the CPU hits max. With the Tbird I was running 150 Mhz FSB.

    Just for performance it probably wasn't worth the money but learning how something works was.

    It's still useful to me. I can run a Tbred much cooler and quieter than a Tbird @1.5. At the same speed the Tbred is 12 degrees cooler with the same HSF. I spent 12 hours running Toast with Tbred at 1.5 and at 1.5 volt core. Never went over 35 degreees even though case temperature reached 27 degreees. That's only an 8 degree delta. Pretty impressive.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  34. Making a profit off a friend! Nice guy!

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  35. a good motherboard will do wonders for speed, I used to run a kt 133 mobo and the 60 bucks I paid for my 8k3a was well worth it. Consider it. I can't believe that chipset would even go at that fsb...

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  36. more power to Papasmurf, there's nothing like a good motherboard and some nice fast RAM. not that its not fun to mess around for speeds sake but its more fun when its faster. sounds like there were some valuable lessons learned and I think there's something in that for all of us... I'm going to stop now.
  37. 150 Mhz FSB for KT133A is pretty common with good memory. Probably wouldn't work with the passively cooled northbridges.

    I just tried my mod'd XP1700+ on my nephew's KT7 (not A). It boots at 2000 Mhz, 20 x 100, by default. Stable too. (Well, for the short time I used it).

    The 20x default is strange though since I mod'd the chip to 15x.

    Another thing that is strange is the Tbred B will POST at 23 x 100 on the KT7 (crashes before Windows starts). I can't POST this high on the Epox despite a better power supply and better cooling. [<b>Edit</b> - I meant 22.5 x 100]

    Not much with which to benchmark on the KT7 system but I did a couple of quick runs with Q3 (demo version). At 640 x 480, minimum detail, the 900 Mhz Duron scored 137.4 fps and the Tbred 2000 (PR 2400+ ?) scored 178.4. At 1024 x 768, maximum detail, scores went from 81.7 fps to 128.5.

    Video card is only a Geforce 2 GTS and there's nothing stellar here but that's still a nice improvement.

    Not bad for a $53 processor only upgrade using a very old motherboard.

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  38. Not a friend as such, more like a friend who is so stubborh that he wont believe me that he cant run 133FSB on his KT133 board. Even afdter telling him hundreds of times I guessed it weould be better for him to find out the hard way himself... And I am not accepting a return!

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  39. LOL good on ya... nothing will teach him like it not working or burning out :)

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  40. Lol, I cant wait to see his face!
    Well its success. My Tbred B came today (nice green packaging eh?) and immediately put it into, cranked my SiS 745 board upto 166FSB, but it wouldnt boot. Turns out the chipset will only run reliably at 150FSB, so thats how far I set it (at 1650 atm). Later on ill have a go at pushing up the multiplyer. Hopefully ill get to 2ghz, that would be a good achievemwent for me. Also, my temps have gone down loads since my Palomino. It used to idle at 39, but now its gone down to 29 :smile: . Also, I can now take out several of my case fans because the board temp has gone down with the decreased current requirement through the voltage regulators (they used to get red hot). I really like this processor!

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  41. 2 ghz is going to be a problem. Unless your mobo supports multipliers over 12.5x. The problem is 12.5 x 150 mhz is only 1875 Mhz.

    I had the same problem. That's why I had to mod the chip.

    If you do have to mod it you won't have any problems getting to 2 Ghz. This IS a great processor!

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  42. One thing I've noticed,I may be talking to myself here, But the faster I run the lower my voltages get. I think I'm going to see about a new psu. I can boot at 2ghz at stock voltage so a new power supply may give me the voltage to hit 2.5. I can hit 2.3 but my voltages drop though the floor and it gets really unstable.
    What is your all's oppenion on this.

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  43. Your Right. With my max FSB of 150 (at 152 i get registry errors) and my max mutliplier of 12.5 (14 goes to 750mhz) I can only reach 1875mhz. Looks like its time to mod the chip. But tbh, I really cant be arsed at the moment. Im sitting here running 12.5 x 133 (AXP 2000+ speeds) at lower than stock voltage and 32C. My case temp is 26C and even under full load the Processor reaches only 36C. As far as im concerned, this was a FANTASTIC buy! Just need to get rid of my old processor now and ill be rolling.

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  44. 2.5? @#%#%$#%! Crap! I finally got over 2.1 Ghz but I had to push VCore to 2.15. I didn't mean to push it that high. My mobo has up to 1.85 volt in BIOS and +0.1, +0.2, +0.3, and +0.4 V modifier jumpers. I thought I installed the +0.2 jumper. Oops, I was just asking for a meltdown.

    It was stable at 2.25 ghz but temps exceeded 50 degrees so it's back to 2.1 ghz and 1.75 volt with nice cool temps, 37-42 degrees.

    Oh, and my 5 volt rail dropped to 4.53 volts during that test. This means I must have been drawing more power than with my Tbird @1.5, and 1.9 volt. 4.6 volts for the latter.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  45. Im getting the same thing. 12v is about 11.5. 5v is about 4.5, 3.3v is almost down to 3v and proc voltage drops the faster i run the cpu. at 2ghz it will be at 1.7, at stock speed the same settings bring 1.78v. at 2.3 the cpu voltage drops to almost 1.65. all of these voltages ar set the same, just different cpu speeds.

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  46. 10 degree delta, that's nice. I'm getting a 17 degree delta, 42 degree loaded CPU temp and 25 degree case temp, running 2.1 ghz. I'm really happy with this Tbred too but I might start working toward slightly slower speeds and greatly reduced noise. Got one problem though. I'll probably have to UN-mod the chip.

    Let's see... I can do the "U" trick that will get back the 6x-12.5 multipliers... default multiplier will only be 7x... close the 4th L3 bridge...

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  47. Same problem different PSU and mobo. My PSU is an Enermax 330 watter. Only my 5V drops. My 12 V goes up. My 3.3 V holds rock solid. Core voltage is also constant so my mobo must be doing a good job regulating. It's clear that the system as a whole is drawing almost too much power for the PSU to cope. The voltages are within a 10% tolerance but ...

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  48. Lol, unlucky. I dont think ill bother doing the Mod just yet. As soon as I get a GC that can fully utilise my processor I mite consider it, but ATM my GF4 Ti is my limiting factor.

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  49. It wasn't worth it for me except getting over 2.0 ghz.

    With my mobo my multiplier is now stuck at 15x. This means I can't push FSB higher than 140 because of overclocking limits.

    I think I had better performance at 12.5 x 150, 1875 Mhz than I do at 15 x 140, 2100 Mhz.

    When you only have SDRAM every bit of bandwidth becomes important.

    I might have to un-mod afterall.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
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