CPU temperature range

I recently bought a pre-made computer from a vendor with the following specs.

Leadtek K7NCR 18D mobo
Athalon XP 2700 Cpu
Ati Radeon 9700 Pro All In Wonder vid card.
1024 megs of Corsair DDR 400 ram w/ heat spreader.
Temperature monitor lcd display

The display is showing an internal temperature of 20 to 31 degrees Celsius range. However, with the tempertature between 20-27 degrees, I get -zero- lockups. From 28-31, I get sporadic, at times persistent, lockups when the screen freezes and I have to hard boot. I have reinstalled the OS (winxp home) and same scenario. I have the lastest vid drivers (Catalyst 3.0) and directx 9. Is this temperature just too high or should I check the thermal paste or something else? Where exactly should the temperature monitor be situated inside the computer so I can double check? Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. which temperatures are those? case temps? those can't be your core cpu temps
    what cooler are you using and did you install it properly or have you tried reseating it
    your problems don't sound like temperature problems anyway (especially not at those temps!)..
    oh i see now that you bought it from a vendor...you could always try taking it back to them, unless they're gonna charge you for it (which they shouldn't since its their fault)


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  2. Curiosity becons me, what kind of power supply is in there?

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  3. well the temp monitor's readout is pretty wuch meaningless unless you know where the probe is located...

    if thats case temp then i would say its a bit on the high side... but who knows what its measuring.

    whats your powersupply brand and rated wattage.
    I wouldnt put it past them to build a powerful system but cut corners and install a crap-ass barely adequate PSU.

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  4. I assumed that the case monitors had a universal position/location as a standard practice or it would be rather useless. So I guess it is only marginally useful in my case b/c I have to discover where IBuyPower (vendor) placed the monitor. My P/S is an Enermax EG465P-VE 430 watt P/S. I am going to download the cpu temp. programs tonight after work and see how high they get. 50 or higher is average or should it be lower than that? Also, the case came with one of those annoying blinky blue cathode(?) light which is situated across the window on the left side of the case (also the same side as my two fans). Does this light generate a lot of heat? Should I remove it or is the heat,if any, marginal? Thanks in advance for all the help =).

  5. If it is a small light like a LED then it will create not much heat.

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  6. the case monitor may just be the mobo temp monitor... usually located somewhere on the lower right of the motherboard.

    psu is good.

    50 is around average, but its quite possible to run much higher or lower, as temp monitoring is highly inaccurate at the best of times.

    cathodes do put out a bit of heat, but it shouldnt be a problem

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  7. Just checked the bios for my temperature this morning. It was on for about 5 minutes before I checked and it was 54 degrees. I am sorta new to this so I dunno if that is high or low, but with the shutdown temperature at 70, it seems a tad high for an idle temperature. Does this indicate a low-quality cpu fan or one that perhaps may be installed wrong?

  8. Ok,

    Do this little test,

    take off the side panel of your case and put a table fan blowing right into your case next to the open case. Now try to boot up. See what happens. If this works then its a case ventilation problem.

    How many fans does your case have?

    Oh almost forgot-- where is your computer palced? is it in one of those "computer desks"? if so DO NOT place it inside the "computer" cabinet. The rule of thumb is that there should be 6" on all sides of the computer case in order to allow for proper ventilation.

    Hope that helps.

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  9. I have 3 fans, two on the side and one in the Enermax p/s.

    I am going to try the table fan experiment tonight and see.

    BTW, does anyone know where in the Sisandra test I can find the module that shows the cpu temperature? I would prefer not to reboot & enter my bios every time to check the temp.

  10. Your problem probably isnt the chip temp, something else is wrong, my chip can run as hot as 45 and have no problems.
  11. You can find the CPU temp under Motherboard information... you can also download MBM 5 for temp monitoring.

    Which HSF are you using?

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
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