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i have new pc...I used a hard drive to move over settings from old pc (vista) new pc doesnt think the user profile i use is the administrator ...sometimes im denied being able to print web pages as printer needs to be "shared"...tried sharing but doesnt do i revert to original new pc settings with out loosing all my files data?

thanks :)
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  1. Are you using the user account from your vista or the administration account you used to install Win 7?
  2. im using the account that was transferred from vista to the new pc windows 7. the original account seems to have disappeared? i know its the original vista account as it even has my screensaver but i have no pictures on new pc yet!
  3. Do you still have the backup you made?
    If so, you can try system restore.
  4. if i do system restore will i lose all the information that i have since put into the, music, files etc

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    Log in as an administrator. Run computer management. Find your account and add the administrators group to your profile.
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  7. thanks very much :)
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