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Best gaming headset for ~$60?

I had Steel Series 4H, but the sound isn't working properly in one ear, so I'm looking into getting a new pair. What are the best gaming headphones for around ~$60? I'd be willing to go as high as around $80.

PS: Must ship to Canada.

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    I'm out of the loop as far as headsets go but I use my Turtle Beach x12's ($60) from my Xbox 360 on my PC. Individual Chat, Bass & Game volume dials. They are by no means "the best" but an option.

    Other manufacturers are Steelseries like you said, Trittonz, Astros, Logitech & Mad Catz.
  2. I'm thinking I'll get the Steel Series Siberia V2. It's $125 w/ shipping, but I've read some reviews and I think it's worth it. Maybe I'll wait 'til there is a free shipping promotion or something.
  3. Ok, now that's double what you originally said was your budget. That's why I didn't say anything about them.
  4. Yeah, I know. I saw them on the SteelSeries website for $90 and figured, "Hmm, those look good for the price.", but then when I went to the checkout it showed the total cost with shipping. At that point I was kind of attached already. :P
  5. LOL well I've heard nothing but good reviews about the Siberia V2's. A lot of PC gamers that stream on Twitch use them.
  6. If you're going to spend over $100 why would you buy a headset? They're all built to a lower standard than comparable headphones because they are marketed to one of the most thoughtless consumer groups; video game players.

    Just buy a pair of similarly priced headphones and a 5 dollar Zalman clip-on mic (which sounds better than most boom mics). You'll get twice the quality and a product that actually has the potential to last.
  7. I didn't even know there was a difference between headphones and headsets.
  8. Once you cross the $100.00 threshold, many headphones are being constructed to appeal to a more critical audience. The ever-annoying and particular "audiophile". Headsets at that price point are still being marketed toward the mountain-dew generation so to speak.

    Read these two threads. They're both very informative:
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