Astro A40 2013 Edition ? Help *!!!

Hi, I am new to these forum's & I have a few questions about the Astro A40's 2013 Edition.

1.) Does a sound card effect the performance if i where to purchase a pair of the Astro's ?

My Computer Specs are:

Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3
Graphics Card: Nvida Geforce gtx 560 ti
CPU: AMD FX-8150
Power Supply: 1050w
OS: Windows 8
Case: Antec 302
Ram: Unsure ? 2x4 8gb

If there is anything I left out please tell me :)

2.) Are the Astro A40 2013 Edition a good first Headset?

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  1. The astro are an excellent headset for any level. They require an optical port and a usb connection to power them and a 3.5 mm mic cable for chat.

    I've had mine since '09 and they are still nearly good as new... They're also probably the most comfortable headset I have ever used.
  2. I wouldn't recommend an expensive sound card for gaming headphones, on board should be fine. If you buy good headphones, then sure a sound card is recommended.

    Personally I can't tell the difference between on board vs sound cards for gaming headsets since gaming headsets don't have good audio quality.

    Since your board does not offer an optical port, you should get a cheap sound card then:
  3. I can also vouch for Astros. I have had mine for probably going on 4 years without any problems. And i nthe one instance where I did need a cable replaced, astro had me do a bit of troubleshooting and then they sent me a new one without any hassles. Excellent product and excellent customer service.
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