Athlon XP L1 pits already filled

I have an athlon 1700+ with the L1 pits already filled. Is this normal or do i just have an unlocked cpu.
If i was to use it for overclocking would the pencil trick work or would i have to use silver lacker s the resistance would be too low?

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  1. Is it a Tbred or Palamino? I do believe that tbred-b's eliminate the need to unlock the L1 bridges, but you need to unlock the last L3. I could be wrong, but it would help us to lnow more about the cpu, what generaton, stepping ect.. find the numbers on the cpu itself and post them.

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  2. You must have a tbred.If so, you can ignore the l1 bridges as they are closed and all you need to do is join the last l3 bridge as is shown <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.You can either fill in the little ditch in between or just go round it carefully as they do there.

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  3. peeps, please get this straight. The 5th L3 bridge is not a magical unlocking bridge. It simply enables/disables the high multiplier bit. With it closed (high bit OFF) you can select 5x-12.5x multipliers. With the bridge closed (bit ON) you can access higher multipliers but it depends on whether or not your motherboard offers full support for the 5th multiplier bit.

    The notion that the 5th L3 bridge unlocks the processor is just misinterpretation.

    When the Tbreds, 2100+ and higher, hit the market on some motherboards they only worked at default speed. (Sometimes they didn't work at all). People later discovered that if they closed the 5th bridge the multipliers could then be changed in BIOS (but only 5x-12.5x). This works this way because XP2100+ (and higher) normally have the high multiplier bit enabled (the bridge is open). Closing the bridge turns the bit OFF restricting the multiplier to just 4 bits (the 5-12.5x multipliers), which older boards CAN understand.

    We can see this with new low speed Tbreds, 1700+ thru 2000+. These CPUs have the 5th L3 bridge already connected. They need to because their default multipliers are 12.5x and lower.

    There's more to it than that, namely multiplier remapping, but that's another issue.

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  4. I'm cant really take the HSF off atm as i may break my mobo unintensionally but i will when i get around to overclocking it - its on very tight and the clip is a bit dodgy.

    I thought it was a Thoroughbred B core but havent checked as you can see from the post. Are these supplied unlocked at L1?

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  5. yes the l1's are unlocked in the factory with the tbred b's. you can see if it a a tbred by going into the bios and seeing if it is possible to change the multiplier. if it is then you have a tbred if not you have to unlock the bridge yourself...or your motherboard bios will not allow changes to the multiplier.

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  6. i got these in wcpuid v3.0g too >>>

    Processor - AMD Athlon XP (model 8)
    Family 6/7 model 8/8 stepping id 1/1

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  7. I think that means T-bredB, cause my Palomino is called moddel 6/6.

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