Need help, recovering system from virus (crush?)

Hello everyone!

I really need your opinion-expertise-knowledge.

Here is what happened: One day I turned my computer on (speck are below), and it started loading windows really slow and HD was making these regular noises (which could be the formatting drive noise, I am not sure). At first, I thought, that something is up with my memory or HD, turned off the comp, checked connections and restrated. It was doing the same thing "Loading Windows" appeared and stayed on the screen for a long time. Then it changed to some DOS commands from my start-up files and then it said: "Now you can restart your computer". When I did that, I got "Non-system disk" error. Drive D, which is a separate partition on the same HD was OK. I had to start my comp with Windows CD-ROM and install fresh Windows.

Well, good thing is that I back-up my whole system every month, so I just restored the back-up i did (luckily) just two days before this crush. In about one our I had my system back.

It stayed that way for 4 days, then it happened again. This time I did not get "Now you can restart your comp" message, just "Could not read C: drive, Abort, Retry, Fail". I could not install Windows from CD-ROM, cause it would say that the drive may have operating system on it, and it did not want to proceed. I had erase the partitiona and format it again, then install windows and restore back-up.

What do you think of it? Virus? Windows bug? hardware glitch? How do i figure it out?

My specs:
AMD K6-2-plus 500 (at 550), ASUS P5Ab, GeForce2 MX from ELSA, 128Mb RAM, WD 18Gb Expert HD, split in two partitions 9 and 9, Windows98SE. Office 2000, Norton 2000.
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  1. I doubt it would be a virus because most of the time if a virus causes your HD to reformat...It also erases the Virus. So it wouldn't have happened again. might want to check your backup files and see if there is a virus in there. Because if there is virus in can restore your system but you also restore the virus.

    It sounds more like a hard drive malfuction in my opinion. Something is probably physically wrong with the hardware and you may need to buy a new one. But do an antivirus check on your back-ups so you can rule that out for certain.

    But in my personal opinion...You have a bad hard drive.
  2. Run scan disk with the "thorough" surface scan. I once had a bad HD and the scan disk program would hang at the same place in the scan.

    <b> JOHN HANCOCK </b>
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